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Fifth Martyrdom Anniversary of Leader Of Kashmir Burhan Wani

Today, Burhan Wani’s death anniversary

Five years have passed since the martyrdom of world-renowned Kashmir hero Hurriyat Burhan and his comrades engaged in the peaceful struggle of the Kashmir Independence Movement. Under Burhan Mani’s leadership, Kashmir’s struggle for independence took on a new look. Burhan Mani and his associates were martyred in Islamabad in 2021 – 202.

Fifth Martyrdom Anniversary of Kashmiri Leader Burhan Wani  

India is accupying illegally on two cities named as Jammu and Kashmir. Then a hurriyat leader came to fight for the Kashmir People. His name was Burhan Muzaffar Wani. Today is his fifth martydom anniversary.

Pakistan and other countries will not forget burhan wani. All the people of Pakistan are observing today July 8. If you want to be free you have to struggle for it. The Burhan wani told the lesson to Kashmiri people to struggle for freedom.

Tweets By Polititions:

Shah Mahmood Qureshi Said on his official tweeter account: “On the anniversary of Burhan Wani Shaheed, the entire Pakistani nation pays tribute to him. India should know that the freedom movement cannot be crushed by state terrorism, tyranny, barbarism and illegal occupation by the forces but it will result in the birth of more brave Kashmiri grandsons like Burhan Wani.” This tweet was written in urdu language but we wrote it in english language.

Fifth Martyrdom Anniversary of Kashmiri Leader Burhan Wani

Choudhary Fawad Hussain said about burham wani on his official tweeter account: “Burhan Wani Shaheed is an outspoken declaration of independence of occupied Kashmir and liberation from Indian slavery. Burhani Wani is in fact a symbol of the longing for independence of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. How can India, which cannot resist the voice of a Muzaffarwani martyr, defeat the spirit of millions of Kashmiris?” This tweet was also written in urdu language by ch Fawad Hussain.

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1 Comment

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