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Canada election: Trudeau vows protection for health workers, O’Toole shifts to personal attacks

anti-vaccine and anti-mass protesters have followed liberal leader justin trudeau since he called the election last month and as eric mentioned trudeau is now promising to crack down on demonstrations that disrupt hospitals and health centers but is a new law necessary abigail beeman is following the liberal campaign we need to nourish celebrate and protect their jobs when talking about the need to protect people from kovid justin trudeau often brings up son hadrian too young for a vaccine monday he and sophie were by trudeau’s side in vancouver as he announced a reelected liberal government would make it illegal to block access to health care sites with protests at hospitals across the country.



it is not okay that across the country hospitals are having to put up barricades today to manage the mobs coming their way the promise extends to vaccine centers and abortion clinics but it’s already illegal to utter threats or assault someone of course so is a new law necessary this is a mixture  of political grandstanding and the ability to create another wedge issue with o’toole trudeau certainly gives him the gears in the release but it also might be time to clarify this for police and other people can they be charged with things already what potentially makes a new provision necessary or beneficial or as someone who formerly worked as a law reform lawyer would suggest a good idea is that it sends a signal to the population it’s an idea politically popular enough that the ndp announced something similar last week we want to specifically protect health care workers by changing the criminal code to make it an aggravating offense an aggravating element to in any way impede or assault or any threaten a health care worker don’t know if have an opinion yet on whether or not it’s necessary but will say this some of the images that we saw from the previous protests are absolutely heartbreaking
and any measures that help to prevent that from happening in the future are absolutely a good thing trudeau himself was punchy with protesters who followed him to an interview at global b.c isn’t there a hospital you should be going to bother right now monday’s announcement is part of a broader liberal strategy in the final week to hammer home differences on wedge issues and the party hope set up a clear choice between a re-elected liberal government and their top opponents in a tight race the conservatives.

expectations of us running a positive campaign in one breath aaron o’toole said he wants to raise the bar of political discourse minutes earlier the conservative leader was focused on personal attacks not policy every canadian has met a justin trudeau in their lives privileged entitled and always looking out for number one this level of mudslinging hasn’t been seen in this election until now that’s how close the race really is with a week to go but this liberal strategist believes it shows something else i think it’s a sign of desperation it’s a sign that at this point they are willing to do anything that they can to fight off justin trudeau who they recognize is their main competition liberals the ndp and conservatives are now vying for progressive voters monday the tories pitched a plan to improve maternity and parental leave programs something last expanded by the trudeau liberals and o’toole plans to extend the canada child benefit aid even before the birth of a baby policies like the ones that are announced today certainly are designed to appeal to women and young families and think that that is really a direct appeal from the part of the conservatives to have a bit more of a softer image part of softening that image is o’toole’s declaration that he is pro-choice and an ally of the lgbtq2 community.
however months ago half of the conservative caucus voted against a ban on conversion therapy and a majority of his caucus voted in support of a bill that sought to restrict certain abortions leaving some to wonder if hardline tory backbenchers will really follow o’toole’s lead he can’t even get his party members to all vaccinate who is to trust that he can get them to vote the way that he he thinks they should that’s the question the liberals and ndp want people to be asking themselves as all parties make their pitch to progressive voters.

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