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China’s first lady Peng Liyuan will soon come on board with China Global Television Network (CGTN) as a special correspondent, the network announced on Thursday. Peng, who is also a major general in the People’s Liberation Army, has been assigned by the Central Military Commission to the post of special reporter for CGTN.


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1. CGTN is a new English-language international television network from China.

1. It is a comprehensive news, information and communication service about China and its people to the world.
Xinhua News Agency is the official press agency of the People’s Republic of China. Xinhua is the biggest news agency in China, founded on 1 November 1931. Xinhua is a ministry-level media unit, affiliated to the Central Committee of the CCP and the State Council.Its 500 million website includes the website of the Central News Agency as well as news, information, entertainment and lifestyle sites, as well as a set of micro-blogging/social media platforms. The mission statement of the CGTN is “to develop the cultural and social level like the Chinese nation, pioneer the use of electronic media to promote the people’s interest, carry out the benevolent purpose, inspire the people and build the strong civilization.”
CGTN absorbs all the English language international television channels from the CPC and the State Council and thus expands the space available for global content production and distribution.
In 2006, CGTN carried out an overview study on International Media Market, a 20-country multi-media market analysis study, a survey study on International Media Ownership, a study about best practice in broadcasting and a survey on cable television ownership among over 200 companies in China and Japan. According to the CGTN website, analysts from the study cited Cable Television and Broadcasting as the industries that are most likely to take up global media spots.
The extent of CGTN coverage varied by market. It was mentioned in 18 international English language newspapers. It was mentioned in the online edition of The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Economist, Forbes and the China Daily. It was mentioned on the the Instagram account of CCTV and on the WeChat account of Hunan TV. It was also mentioned on the official micro-blogging micro-service of the China General Business Daily.
In addition, CGTN screened more than 30 Chinese movies and programs, reaching something around 2.6 million viewers, according to the 2015 annual report of CGTN. The CGTN subscribers rate is said to be around 61%.
2. It will be available to more than 1 billion viewers globally in over 100 countries and regions.
I’m very happy to announce that the World Cup will be available to more than 1 billion viewers globally in over 100 countries and regions.The purpose of CGTN is to broadcast the best soccer matches around the world. Today, CGTN introduces the newest English-language channel, CGTN TV.
3. The network was launched on December 31, 2016, with regular programming beginning on January 18, 2017.
The network was launched on December 31, 2016, with regular programming beginning on January 18, 2017.The first episode of each new series was streamed live on SBS on the morning of that day, with the last episode released on SBS One on the same day. The first 100 episodes lasted between 150 and 200 minutes. The network employs a similar vertical format to the premiering Chinese streaming service SUCCES (73 hours in one day), “CGTN” maintains an original format similar to all Chinese streaming services, and unlike entertainment traditional media such as TV or cinema, “CGTN” has no longer been developing.
The “CGTN” digital platform currently consists of a “trial” version, which offers limited streaming services, advertisements within apps, and chapters from the completed movies to be viewed online for 300 RMB a month. The exact cost of subscription varies by the service and is currently RMB 598 (in addition to a standard subscription fee of RMB 699 for Prime members). Video service providers may provide a discount on the subscription fee for current subscribers.
The licensed services currently offer a variety of video genres, category-defining content such as documentaries and award-winning entertainment content, and blockbuster Baohua films. There are categories such as “Historically Significant” and “Culture & Art”. Innovation in streaming content, such as ambient sounds, poetry, and user-generated content, also plays a big part in the content lineup.
2. CGTN’s “CGTN Live” is a variety show hosted by CGTN celebrities, athletes, and talk show hosts.
Competing channels such as SBS “Running Man” are all live-streamed, as are TV variety programs such as “Love Hotel” or movies such as “The Mermaid“ or “Snowy Flower Rescue”. CGTN’s “CGTN Live” co-hosts and show hosts share a common guest point, which performers appearing on the program take turns hosting.


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