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China: A grand gathering in Lhasa, Tibet, to mark 70th anniversary of its peaceful liberation

A grand ceremony has been held in lhasa southwest China’s tibet marking the 70th anniversary of its peaceful liberation.

The central government delegation has presented commemorative plagues and banners and the message on the plagues and banners comes from president xi jinping they say build a beautiful and happy tibet and realize the dream of great rejuvenation local officials and religious leaders received the plagues and the banners during the ceremony and china’s central authorities have sent a congratulatory message to mark the occasion in tibet the message praised the economic and social development.
Over the past seven decades saying people’s lives have been remarkably improved. it also called for stepping up the fight against separatism and fostering a strong sense of the chinese nation as one community and the message said more work is needed on the four priorities of stability development ecology and border management to ensure national security and lasting stability it also stressed the importance of harmony among all ethnic groups the ecological environment and social harmony.

The national flag is lofted in front of the portala palace tibet’s iconic landmark followed by folk songs performances and the presenting of congratulatory plugs to tibetan officials seven decades ago the 17 article agreement signed by the central government and tibet’s local government re-established china’s sovereignty in the region since then the region has been rising to modernity with the establishment of socialist system and regional ethnic autonomy the rights of people of all ethnic groups in tibet to equal participation in the  governance of state affairs and to administration of affairs of the autonomous region are fully insured at present tibet has over 35000 deputies of people’s congresses and over 8000 cppcc members at various levels 90 of who are ethnic minorities.

Official data shows regional gdp rocketed to nearly 30 billion us dollars in 2020 that’s over 300 times the number 70 years ago and by the end of 2019 nearly 630000 registered impoverished people in tibet had shaken off extreme should build on the poverty of poverty alleviation advance rural development in all aspects and carry out initiatives to develop broader areas and make lives better for border residents & should address each and every issue that is important to people’s livelihood and see that people of all ethnic groups enjoy more benefits be happier and feel more secure last year the per capita disposable income of rural residents in the region was 14598 yuan an increase of 416 times since 1959.

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