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China-Arab expo sees deals for 277 projects worth over $24b

With nearly 280 deals signed the fifth china arab states expo wraps up his four-day schedule on sunday eight national level projects were signed at the expo with a total investment of more than 11 billion yuan.


These include a red sea integrated smart energy investment project and a floating photovoltaic project in indonesia eight provinces in cities including beijing jojang and guangdong have also signed 12 investment projects with arab countries and other countries along the beldon road routes with a total investment volume hitting nearly 7.5 billion yuan.


For these chances the signing of these deals reflects the role of the expo being further highlighted and its effectiveness in serving the joint construction of the belt and road has been improved the sign deals cover areas ranging from infrastructure and clean energy to manufacturing and biomedicine.
Nearly 200 of the deals signed are in investment projects totaling more than 150 billion yuan there are 24 trade projects with contracts valued at more than 2.7 billion yuan three policy reports were released during the expo covering economic and trade relations between China the Arab states and south cooperation.


The signing of this cooperation agreements and the establishment of these mechanisms have further expanded the areas of cooperation and at the same time enriched and improved the cooperation mechanisms between China and the countries along the belton road initiative in technology energy and other industries.

Chinese president xi jinping says,” the event will elevate the strategic partnership between China and the arab states, he said he hopes there will be more efforts to build a China-Arab community with a shared future autonomous region.

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