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China’s Contribution to Global Development

Prime Minister Imran khan on tuesday has said that Pakistan and China are iron brothers and emphasizing of course that pakistan has supported china’s efforts to safeguard world peace contribute to global development and preserve international order.

He was addressing the communist party of China and world political party summit he said, “President Xi Jinping’s vision of shared prosperity had made a major impact on global sustainable development.
The relationship that exists between pakistan and china we’re going to talk about in the context of the address of our Prime minister imran khan to the communist party of China and world political parties summit in which he praised the chinese leadership and Pak-China friendship.
China has become an global power and its rapid development has attracted worldwide attention in recent years. One major implication of various aspects of China’s rise has been the resistance of western and particularly the antagonism of united states in recent years China has increasingly leaned on Pakistan in south asia. And the indian ocean region to garner support for its development model and global ambitions.
Imran khan on tuesday in his address to communist party of china.We support to chinese president xi jinping’s vision of shared prosperity through the belt and road initiative while emphasizing made a major impact on global sustainable development china has intensified its economic engagement with Pakistan through its projects.

China-Pakistan economic corridor leading to the diversification of ties to local stakeholders notably in the infrastructure education media and energy sectors earlier PM khan declared in an interview with english language state broadcaster China global television network that despite pressure Pakistan would not change or downgrade its relationship with China because the relationship was deep as U.S is forging regional alliance squad comprising U.S india japan australia and called on key asian allies to unite against China Pakistan categorically declared that it wouldn’t take sides and would rather develop ties with all countries.

Last month Prime minister Imran khan and his chinese counterpart Lee wrote letters to each other to mark the 70 years of Pakistan China friendship and vowed to further strengthen its ties between the two countries.
Pakistan relationship has been Increased because of support of both countries for each other’s core interests and issues of major concern.
Friendship and brotherhood that is of course between these two countries that is pakistan and china and how different initiatives just like the china pakistan economic corridor are further bridging the ties between the two countries and how both leadership have this resolved to further strengthen the relationship between the two countries.
They are called iron brothers their friendship is known as high higher than the highest of mountains deeper than the deepest of oceans.
China has always stood by Pakistan during the difficult times during the stressful times that Pakistan has gone through. Now that Prime minister has also shown the same resolve towards China.
Pakistan was the first country to acknowledge people’s republic of China and after that Pakistan has been consistently providing assistance to China whether it was defense ties whether it was technology and so on and so forth and then over the period of time china has developed multi-folds and this is beyond any shadow of a doubt that how china has achieved its progress and prosperity and how much it has developed not only for other countries neighboring countries, but also for its own people.
The most important part if turn the clock back to 1978 when China Opened its doors to the outside world and when then Xiaoping introduced reforms after that the Chinese nation they never looked back and that goes not only the government is responsible for its development but also the it’s a collective effort on the part of Chinese people as well first then.

Since 1991 more reforms were introduced about in 2000 they introduced Global policy, know china is going to extend its foot in other countries is basically the foreign the main nucleus of the global policy as far as relations between both countries are concerned.
Cpac was initiated with ministry of planning china invested at a time when pakistan was going through a very critical phase and had number of issues.

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