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Chinese power cuts force factory closures

A power crunch in some parts of China has shut down factories and left some households without electricity. The shortages come as coal prices rise and in some cases because of efforts to meet official energy use targets. There are fears the power shortage in China could become prolonged as the demand for coal and natural gas surges during the winter. It’s been in 17 provinces in china and altogether. They account for something like 66 of the whole economy. So it’s very widespread in the Northeast.


So there are different factors that work all together and they just seem to be combining to create this shortage and in the South, for example, people have been asked to turn thermostats up on their air conditioning to use less electricity. Whereas in the northeast the shortages are affecting factory output and various different things. So, it’s all these different factors together are combining to cause these outages. There’s a human impact. It’s that a lot of things, a lot of the factories that are going to be making the smartphones that people will be buying for Christmas.


One of the reasons for this is that people are authorities. In China are trying to cut emissions levels and Urban pollution in China has been appalling for many years and the government now seems very serious about doing something about it. Because it’s become a real issue for people. Global warming is playing a role in that. It’s trying to encourage the utilities to move away from coal because a lot of China’s electricity is still coming from coal-powered power stations. So, they’re trying to get a move away from that. So, in that sense global warming is kind of key in some ways.

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