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Chinese President Xi Jinping held a phone conversation with U.S. President Joe Biden

Sino-us relations chinese president xi jinping says the recent u.s policies towards china have strained bilateral ties and that’s not in the interest of the people of the two countries or the world he made comment in a phone conversation with his u.s counterpart joe biden on friday xi jinping also called for the two countries to bring back to the right track and to show that more international responsibilities in the face of global challenges u.s president joe biden stressed the importance of china-u.s relations and agreed to lead bilateral ties to the right track through more cooperation and negotiations.

Both leaders also agreed to expand cooperation on climate change cover 19 pandemic prevention and control as well as economic recovery. Crucial phone call between the presidents of china and the us significant as it has ended a nearly seven month gap in direct communications between the two leaders now remember their first phone call was made on chinese new year’s eve and that was a month after u.s president joe biden was sworn in and many saw that call as a tone setter for bilateral relations now with this one the two sides exchanged the views on bilateral relations and some major issues president xi first expressed his condolences to biden and american people in regards to casualties and property laws caused by hurricane and president xi also pointed out that for some time the u.s policy toward china has caused serious difficulties in bilateral relations which is not in the fundamental interests of the two peoples and the common interests of all countries in the world


whether china and the U.S can properly handle their relations has a bearing on the future and destiny of the world and he said china-u.s relations are not a multiple choice question of whether to do well but a must-answer question of how to do well and on that note biden agreed and said china-u.s relations are the most important bilateral relations in the world and there’s no reason for the two countries to fall into conflict because of competition and president xi also expounded china’s position on issues such as climate change and said that china adheres to the priority of ecological protection as well as a green and low-carbon development path and he said the two countries should continue exchange and dialogue in areas like epidemic prevention economic recovery and other areas as long as it is on the basis of respecting each other’s core interests and properly managing differences now both sides agreed to continue to maintain regular contact and create conditions to move bilateral relations

important bilateral exchanges since the u.s president joe biden took office and a major breakthrough was the china-us high-level strategic dialogue in alaska in march and that meeting pulled major headlines as it got off to a very fiery start both sides leveled sharp rebukes of the others policies and the u.s side ripped into issues of hong kong xinjiang and taiwan which beijing considers red lines and chinese senior diplomat young hit back on the condition of human rights in the united states but despite the hot exchange the two sides did end the dialogue on a relatively positive note the u.s reiterated its one china policy and both sides agreed that they can cooperate on areas like climate change and following the alaska meeting a couple of in-person official meetings took place uh in april we know u.s climate envoy john kerry visited shanghai and met with chan his chinese counterpart hua to discuss curbing climate change later in july u.s deputy deputy secretary of state wendy sherman visited north china’s tianjin and met with her counterpart shiafum besides these meetings both countries have announced their new ambassadors on july 28th qinggaong a longtime diplomat headed to washington to serve as ambassador of china to the united states and less than a month later


joe biden nominated nicholas burns also a career diplomat who’s widely respected in washington to serve as the u.s ambassador to china and just last week john kerry visited china again for climate talks and now with this phone call pundit certainly the world is watching how the relations of the two largest economies in the world

china is thinking about the future of afghanistan and also we have to understand that turbine has been in white house for eight months so it’s a it’s a very long period of time so should have clear policy towards china you’re going to have more competition more confrontation or cooperation with china and finally.

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