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Chinese research report criticizes U.S. handling of Covid19 virus

A nearly 70 page long report on the truth about the u.s fight against Covid19 has been released compiled by researchers and scholars from three major think tanks in china including one based at beijing’s university.
The report says over 600000 Americans have lost their lives to the virus due to the mismanagement of the crisis pointing out some U.S media still raided the country number one in the world for its pandemic response ridiculous absurd.
Example is the bloomberg reporting that honor ranking coded resilient the united states comes number one mean this is really this is this can’t be taken seriously this is the most absurd proposal we have seen the report blames partisanship in U.S politics for lives affected and lost it also points out how republicans and democrats have vastly different opinions on how to fight against Covid19.

When it comes to issues like vaccination social distancing and almost any policies regarding Covid 19 containment U.S politicians have barely reached a consensus this is the tragedy of america’s political and social system one expert argues if the coronavirus pandemic didn’t happen amid fraying china-u.s relations.

The story could have been much different Covid19 was probably the greatest test of governance the world has seen since the second world war the United states and the west failed visible the report also argues that the u.s is undermining the global response to the pandemic by allowing the virus to spread in its borders and around the world worsening the situation even after Covid19 spread within its borders more than 20 million american citizens have traveled abroad the u.s bears unshakable responsibility for the global spread of the pandemic.

The report concludes by saying the U.S is worthy number one in the world in several categories including playing a role in spreading of the virus as well as spreading misinformation something hampers the efforts to unite and to stop the pandemic handing hand with china and the world.

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