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Colombia, Panama to work on migrants overflow

Colombia and Panama have agreed to work together to process and organize thousands of stranded migrants.

Around ten thousand migrants mostly from Haiti are stuck in Colombia’s antiquia province on their way to the U.S and Canada Colombian foreign minister Marta Lucia Ramirez met her Panamanian counterpart Erika Moines in Matilda. Talking to the media Ramirez said to lay down the standard procedures for migrants movement into Panama and beyond.

She noted human trafficking often goes hand in hand with drug smuggling for her part moynes reiterated the two countries resolved to create a common front to attend to migrants. We are both transit countries for a migration that does not seek refuge in Panama or Colombia. So we want to involve all of the key actors both origin or first receivers and the destination countries. So that together we can create protocols and mechanisms that will control the flow and make it safe always having a humanitarian approach.

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1 Comment

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