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Congress Leader Slams Modi Over Raphael Deal

Congress Leader Slams Modi Over

India congress leader Rahul Gandhi has slammed the government  over the controversy surrounding the sale of raphael jets. In a tweet gandhi asked why prime minister narendra modi was not  ready for a parliamentary probe into the deal?

He further asked if it was because of a guilty conscience or an attempt to protect modi’s allies. This comes a day after a french judge was tasked to lead an investigation into alleged corruption in the multi-billion dollar agreement. Congress said huge amounts of money were paid to middlemen in the deal. According to documents, readily available the deal for 36 fighter jets worth over 9 billion dollars was signed in 2021 – 202 between new delhi and french manufacture desalt aviation.

congress leader slams modi over raphael deal

The french authorities have tasked a judge with probing in the sale of the raphael jets to india on corruption suspicions suspect. Any kickbacks in the deal, absolutely this deal is very shady. This have been going on although the government got a clean from the honorable supreme court of india. But the opposition has been harping on that there were kickbacks.

It has now become very embarrassing for the government of india because the inquiry has been constituted in france by a judge. So there will be lot of questions raised and the whole scam will resurface. Now, this investigation impact the overall rating of prime minister narendra modi. Given the congress’s insistence of holding a parliamentary probe. It will impact because that time the opposition congress leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi had came out. He said the prime minister calls himself to be a watchman for the country.  That in fact, was well.

We know brought the reputation of the prime minister down and now. It is once again the things have surfaced and the issue is that the government presented rather concealed certain papers from the honorable supreme court. Got a judgment so now congress is demanding a joint parliamentary probe into it.

Because that will bring out so many other documents which were not presented before the supreme court. That will really expose that what has gone wrong with the deal altogether. It’s a 59,000 crore deal and that earlier government the upa had bargained for 520 crore for each aircraft. Which this government ordered for 1670 crore rupees which has we know and instead of 126 rafal they are only buying 36 rafales. Few have already been delivered the deal has got quite a few surprising clauses.

Like there is no anti-corruption and the proof can taken place in India. There is one reliance has been given a job of we know maintenance and other things. A development in india and that’s a flop company is a bankrupt industrialist massani. Who has awarded this job and the french government said that particular job was awarded to reliance on the insistence of india government or rather the prime minister of india.

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