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Corona surges across asia : how are countries copping

Today Coronavirus Situation in Asian Countries

South korea is reporting an increase in corona virus infections for seventh straight days. It’s recorded more than one thousand cases mostly attributed to the delta variant. First identified in india it’s forced. The center of the outbreak and nightclubs have been shot new rules.

corona surges across asia : how are countries copping

Source : DW NEWS

Introduced in gyms and private gatherings limited to two people after six pm. South korea’s latest covid 19 wave has hit the country hard. The government has clamped down with new guidelines including social distancing that have especially affected small businesses. These for rent signs tell the story. In terms of the economic impact of the covid 19 pandemic no neighborhood in seoul has been quite.

This once bustling multicultural entertainment and shopping district. Suffered a cluster outbreak in may of 2020 infecting about 250 people and causing as ignificant drop in visitors and business

opened a cafe. Offering a variety of drinks and her own blend of coffee beans. Just as the pandemic arrived in early 2020. Soon her business would really feel my cafe is close to taiwan. So last year’s outbreak there affected our sales. As well we hardly saw any customers it was like a ghost town here.

corona surges across asia : how are countries copping

Source : BBC

Since monday gatherings of more than two

people other than family are banned after 6 p.m in the capital seoul. Where 80 percent of the new cases are located. Rule breakers of this and other restrictions face stiff penalties and fines. We need to be very careful. We disinfect the store every couple of hours

and disinfect tables meticulously after customers leave. We give out hand sanitizer and ask everyone to wear a mask as well as register with a qr code. South korea has been praised for its early success against the virus. Only to have cases linger and grow soon. Harsher restrictions returned for me as a business owner. I’m not happy about the new rules. But trying to reduce the number of daily confirmed cases by maintaining social distancing is better than more people getting at infected severance hospital.

corona surges across asia : how are countries copping

Dr. e huckman oversees covid19 testing. He says the more infectious delta

variant. Now makes up more than 25 percent of south korea’s new cases. If this delta variant starts to spread in the general population, it will encounter other variants and create a new variant. If this continues the virus would bevable to create a variant

that resists the vaccines. So we should

try our best to prevent delta from spreading further.

Just 11 of the south korean population is fully vaccinated and officials hope. Herd immunity will be achieved by

november the new guidelines are set to be in place for the next two weeks. At least here’s a few more updates on the coronavare situation across asia a third wave of covid 19 in india is inevitable and imminent. According to the indian medical association,

in a letter to government leaders the ima called for strict curbs and mass gatherings for three more months and ramped up vaccinations to mitigate the impact.

The who director general has said the world’s vaccine disparity is driven by greed.

He has urged drug makers to prioritize vaccines for poor countries. Rather than lobbying rich nations to buy booster shots and in thailand health workers already

vaccinated with two chinese-made sanovak

jabs. Will now get an astrazeneca booster. A

study there has found that sanovac was

less effective in fighting the delta variant. Now that comes as thailand imposes new

restrictions in the midst of soaring cases.

The numbers of deaths is also going up

and as we reportvone temple in a suburb of bangkok is struggling to keep up with the demand for cremations. It has also had to rethink the way it conducts its funeral services. covid 19 is changing everything

including death. These volunteers are doing their best to give this person a respectful send-off. But the risks of handling the body mean funeral services have to be quick.

This is unusual in thailand where relatives traditionally spend days saying goodbye to their loved ones. Before they are cremated

the buddhist ceremony held by monks at

this temple for the family of the deceased

also has to be much shorter than usual. But officials there say they’re facing an extraordinary situation in our areas. There are so many deaths and we don’t know if there will be more arriving today.

Ourc rematorium isn’t working well because it’s overheated from the continued use. If we place the coffins inside it will just burn

without us pushing any buttons. Employees are working hard to keep up with the demand pyrus troop leads a foundation that offers funeral services for free for the less well-off.

corona surges across asia : how are countries copping

He says they’ve managed to raise funds to build a new crematorium. But he’s afraid of what is to come we don’t know what will happen next. My hope is that everyone will be cautious and try to avoid this disease as it

destroys everything in its path. For now, it seems the deaths from covid 19 in thailand are likely to increase before the situation improves.

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