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COVID 19: delta variant Cases in Florida are rising

Florida just reported a record number of new infections poised to exceed 2020’s 108 patients the overwhelming majority of people could be safe get the vaccine because dead is dead florida’s covered figures are staggering with a population similar to australia it had 150000 covid cases last week and hundreds of deaths hospitals are overwhelmed.


Doctors and nurses have been shocked by the devastation being wrought by the delta variant on younger patients it’s between the age of 25 and 40. so it’s really young patients that are dying right now never saw so many deaths that saw in the past year it’s just unbelievable never the intensive care unit at florida’s biggest hospital so in about 36 hours have 80 new patients in the icu which is pretty dramatic all of them are covered anybody with non-covered anymore in icu so thats how bad it is and very young really young patients also dying.


Mortality is as bad as before so it’s been pretty tough last 24 hours almost all the new covid patients have something in common five percent of patients are vaccinated 95 percent unvaccinated only half of florida is fully vaccinated despite vaccinations being free and widely available for months on the beachfronts of miami masks are a rare sight it’s as if covid never stopped the party everybody at the moment there’s no restrictions so everybody’s free to to go to work to go to school and to go out to restaurants or retail retail’s all open as well and at the moment down.
There’s no mandates for vaccine or for masks last year at the height of another covid spike 730.

The guidelines and the rules and trying to stay as safe as they can this year it’s very different there is people can freely move around people are traveling state to state crossing borders pretty much at will and so that ability to really contain things in a specific location that doesn’t exist. the contrast between australia and florida has only become more stark in australia the other day the objective is to have zero cases across florida government messaging is at odds with local leaders who are desperately pushing vaccination tampa mayor joined covid survivors and doctors to urge the unvaccinated to get their shots in a crisis once again with the spread of Covid 19.

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