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COVID-19 | The importance of masks

We really seriously having to remind people to wear masks are people tired of wearing masks is that mask fatigue so to speak that is one of the extreme challenges but it really is something that we need to be really vigilant about because it’s so easy to do and and really costs so little that protects others.



it’s our concept of protecting those around us and making sure that that we don’t infect anybody else so the reason for masks is that it reduces the potential dose that that we that we might project onto others so if we are asymptomatic and carrying a massage covid19 then so we don’t know or we’re in the early stages and don’t yet know it means that we are keeping our respiratory secretions to ourselves and not distributing those so the whole thing around covid and size covid 2 is around the 3ds dose dispersion and distance and remember that’s the further away we are from people so even more than one and a half meters.

if we can is that that the droplets spread when we sneeze or cough or breathe or sing and so the further away we are from people the better the lower the risk the same comes for dispersion that the if we’re in we have high ventilation and and the the drops that are suspended in the air can be blown away then the lower the risk for transmission and then similarly if we wear a mask that we then reduce the the risk of of transmission because we are the dose that then comes to the other person is then so much lower so the concern around parties and certainly as we come up towards the end of the year for matriculants for interview parties for birthdays people feeling fatigued and frustrated at being constrained is that we really need to be focusing on reducing risk and so we need to be distant from each other.


so that’s why parties indoors in particular are problematic we need to be avoiding the three avoiding crowded places closed spaces and  and also close contact so touching people is a problem so there were lots of things problematic around a party like that hugging and kissing is problematic being in close contact with each other is problematic being in a closed environment is problematic and they’re not wearing masks as problematic so all of that would have made that environment a high risk for transmission of coverage.

it’s about understanding the possibility of you transmitting the virus to anybody else so if you are at home and in your bio bubble and so these are the people that you’re with all the time you’re all monitoring each other’s symptoms and you’re aware and that you all hunker down as soon as any member of the biobubble becomes symptomatic until you’re aware of what the status is and so you all quarantine until further notice then it’s it’s probably fine to be at home without wearing masks but clearly as soon as somebody’s symptomatic that person needs to isolate so that others don’t don’t have the possibility of catching the virus and then everybody else needs to quarantine and so the only time to really that it’s really necessary to wear masks at home is when somebody has become symptomatic and then all of you should be wearing masks to prevent transmission between each other.

Also doing all the other things which is physical distancing and and stopping any close contact and then when you’re in the outdoors so if you’re hiking up a mountain there’s nobody else around then you know you may well drop your mask for a period of time because there’s no risk of transmission but as soon as somebody else comes past or you see somebody coming in the distance then it is appropriate to put your mask back on to make sure that in passing that very important.

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1 Comment

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