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Crisis in Afghanistan : troops flee Taliban into Tajikistan


A worsening situation in Afghanistan for the government of president Ashraf ghani.



National defense and security forces are folding before the Taliban advances in northeast and northwest. A News Reports says district after district has fallen to the taliban in just the last two days hundreds of afghan soldiers fled across the border into Tajikistan rather than fight.
The insurgents unquote Afghanistan’s national security adviser Hamdullah Mohib told Russia’s News agency, on monday that “Government forces had not expected the Taliban offensive but would” and those are his words absolutely definitely counter-attack most observers believe this is more bluster than any strategy.
Bill roger an american commentator on military affairs tweeted and “i quote from what he said badaksha is all but lost at this point the afghan government abandoned five districts including over the past 24 hours the taliban didn’t have enough manpower to fully occupy four of them so technically they are contested i don’t think that most people grasp the significance of this both badakshah and 14 of 17 districts taliban control are teetering on collapse these are heavy target areas if the afghan government can’t control panshir comes under direct taliban threat unquote a july 2 long report by Kate Clark and obadily for Afghan analyst network details.

Afghan advances in the north the report titled a quarter of afghanistan’s district’s fall to the taliban amid calls for a second resistance parents a grim picture for the ghani government and afghan national security forces.

Sohail shaheen who is one of the taliban spokesperson called into question whether taliban will accept U.S keeping small number of troops to protect embassy in kabul previously. Taliban had signaled otherwise if this is now their position sustainability of embassy is in doubt she went on to say about Soheil shaheen that he also cast out on acceptance of foreign troops Protecting Kabul’s airport there might be different public and private messages on these issues but it will be difficult for foreign embassies to rely on private assurances.
The progress the Taliban had made in there were tactical withdrawals from the government, four or five districts were left by the government and even taliban didn’t have enough manpower to to take over those districts so this is tactical withdrawal from the government and the government is currently planning a very strong counter-attack ground operations that will be supported by heavy  airstrikes and probably the war or the fight here in afghanistan.
Taliban have accepted heavy casualties in farah province they were Airstriked with the government airstrikes many of their commanders and their people were killed there is same same was in hillman province.

Some of the Afghan forces went to Tajikistan border they didn’t have any other choice but to escape that area .
Government is planning a counter-attack and that will cause a very heavy casualties to taliban and that is very dangerous hope that they will reach an agreement before that. They will go for the peace talks.

These are different reports we know western media some of the reports are from the afghan media soldiers have been complaining of lack of reinforcements they’ve been complaining of emulation and rations running out so it seems that if these complaints are correct  then the national security forces commanders have miserably failed to formulate a strategy a proper strategy that allows the soldiers on the ground to be able to take the taliban on slots.
The leadership of country to some extent has failed in providing the ammunitions and the weapons to the security forces those who are fighting in different districts and that problem is almost tackled now but those complaints were received and they were even posted in social media and twitter and facebook and even in tvs and that’s why there were huge changes in the leadership of the ministry of defense and also in the leadership of those provinces especially in the security sector of those provinces where taliban had made great progress.

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