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Denmark lifts all domestic COVID-19 pandemic restrictions

Denmark has lifted all domestic pandemic restrictions the first European Union member nation to do. So, the government credits a high vaccination rate for the move. But, warns that measures could come back. If necessary Danes have reacted with both caution and optimism as public spaces roar back to life.

Fun is back in Denmark. Families are flocking to the famous Tivoli Amusement Park in Copenhagen as if Corona had never existed and the people are glad the government has put an end to the roller coaster of restrictions. They have handled it from the intention of doing it best possible. The whole they have done well and with schools fully open again. They do not get as ill as their dolls and they don’t get as many symptoms afterwards.


When winter comes it will there will be problems. But with vaccine uptake high in Denmark. The head of the Copenhagen task force says the time is right now that there are so few non-vaccinated left those that are not vaccinated now are perhaps the skeptics. Some of them write to me personally daily often about their concerns. But in percentages of the population they are very few eager for the doors of this nightclub to reopen.


It does create some problems arguing that Corona is still a threat to society with such a high percentage of the population vaccinated. The overall evaluation was that it was better to step down a little bit and then should it increase Then they could always up it again. Meanwhile some are a bit ambivalent between happiness and apprehension. They really have to get used to it.


The authorities are not letting their guard down completely. They will for instance test waste water to monitor for future outbreaks of the virus and their best defense. The state is fully digital and is seamlessly collecting citizens data. They have a register of everybody who tests positive in a laboratory with the disease. They also have a register of who’s vaccinated and we have regis a population register. They know where everybody lives and they can contact people directly and so for. Danes can enjoy the last of the summer and dive into their new found freedom.

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