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Dera Ghazi Khan : Load-shedding crisis

Dera Ghazi khan should brace themselves for more load shedding over the next month WAPDA says the power utility will have a shortfall in electricity supply was giving an update on the power utility systems.

At this point WAPDA seems to be making good progress in trying to bring some of the units that were offline back online restoring that additional capacity to deal with the load shedding happening right now but it’s what will happen in winter that’s of more concern they predict that of course demand would be much lower in winter and the coal-fired power stations would be able to operate at a much more efficient capacity due to the lower weather but really it’s the unplanned outages which threaten to bring darkness to DGK City of Punjab province during winter and WAPDA says they can maintain keeping the lights on even if they lose megawatts of power and they can do that through burning of some diesel in the open gas cycle turbines but it’s really what happens after they start to lose more megawatts that becomes a big problem.

it’s just a up to two days of load shedding but the more power it loses the longer the load shedding could last in winter and we can see clearly here is that the unplanned outages the tripping of WAPDA systems doesn’t providing enough power supply during FSC Exams.

The shortfall in the supply of electricity of approximately is from 10 to 13 hours in a day, Punjab as most of our power stations are reaching the end of their useful lives having had a hard life and being operated for extended period of time well above international utilization factors this is further compounded by deferred maintenance and results in our power stations being not reliable and not predictable.

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1 Comment

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    August 23, 2021 at 10:47 am


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