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Desperation at Kabul airport as Afghani try to flee

Events have sent shock waves around the world not least in the united states whose military has been in afghanistan for 20 years pressure is mounting on politicians to explain how the country fell so quickly.

The last 24 hours of people trying to get on planes trying to get out they essentially overwhelmed the airport security thousands of people flooding onto the to try to get onto planes there are stories of of people just pushing past and sitting on a plane and waiting for a pilot to show up to fly them out the airport is under the security of international forces so there are some questions about whether international forces were involved in the deaths of these civilians as they were trying to leave or whether or not they were simply crushed in the stampede now because of this all flights have been cancelled.

Civilian flights have been cancelled at least the international forces have taken over the air traffic control and they are just it’s only military flights coming in and out essentially evacuating international personnel evacuating americans and then also evacuating people who have worked afghans have worked with embassies¬† and are associated with international groups and people who may have worked as interpreters that type of thing as far as what’s happening in kabul city.

There are many taliban on the streets they are in the checkpoints they are enforcing as they say security we understand about a thousand taliban special forces units arrived last night to quote unquote enforce security they are in the presidential palace and later today they will be holding a news conference where hopefully we can find out more about how they plan to govern how afghanistan’s government will look who will be in charge they say that they are taking over the ministries today putting people in different positions to start running the country.

The statement by the official in the presidential palace who handed over could say the keys to the taliban last night it’s clear there was some level of coordination and agreement how much of an agreement is there has there been so far for a transfer of power is that clear at this point there had been negotiations about a transition plan.
The presidential palace was coming up with a transition plan which was essentially just going to hand over power to the taliban maybe that threw them some crumbs in the way but the taliban just had the military dominance at the at that point yesterday and so could pretty much call the shots they were meant to give that transition plan to the taliban in doha who would choose whether or not to accept it but all of that fell apart when ghani fled the country and the taliban were left with all the cards and they just marched into town and any government officials spoken to since have said we’ve just left the office and we’re just hiding at home and keeping a low profile so as far as a formal transition that never actually eventuated the taliban have just rolled in and taken the reins.

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