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Devastating wildfires across Algeria

Algeria continues to battle these raging wildfires and all that operation is underway on the ground and from the skies the fire to try to prevent it from spreading further but it seems to be impossible and now reached zone emergency crews and villagers are doing everything they can with what little they have using buckets of water hoses and branches the desperation is clear as people race to save more homes from burning to the ground and prevent further loss of life. [tps_start_button label=”Start slideshow” style=”” class=””]algeria

People have died schools and houses have burned down the villagers have left their homes to take refuge in communal halls the hardest hit area is a mountainous region of kabil east of the Algerian capital as many as 18 provinces in total are affected there’s a lot of damage some have lost their homes lots of things nature will not recover soon given that the people here live off.
Their olive groves this is only the beginning of the disaster the government has deployed the army but dozens of soldiers were among those who died during a rescue operation and the government is now calling for international help the european union is lending its planes that were used to battle the wildfires in greece algeria’s prime minister has visited one of the affected regions announcing the president’s plans to compensate those who have been affected as the country enters three days of national mourning post-disaster relief.


Operations are already underway with residents teaming up with charity organizations to collect necessities for those that are injured and the hundreds of families left homeless responded to an announcement asking to collect donations and medicines.
another urgent announcement to all pharmacies in algeria need medicine algeria is just one of several nations battling wildfires as record-breaking temperatures spark widespread devastation but authorities believe many of the flames were deliberately.

The center of Tizi Ouzou where there was a sort of makeshift distribution center set up where donations of humanitarian aid streamed in from all corners of the country anything from bottles of water to baby diapers to milk to juice and these were duly loaded into trucks and they’ve been sent to the different villages in the province of Tizi Ouzou which have been hit hardest by these wildfires.
There’s a lot of desperation a lot of anger and a lot of sadness.

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