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DISNEY NETWORK On ApStar-7 @76 .5E (C)

The Disney Channel has been around for decades, but it still consistently dominates the world of children’s entertainment. If you’re a parent or care-giver to a kid or teen — or just someone who loves family-friendly content — here are five reasons why you should watch the Disney Channel at least once in your life. It’s not all cartoons and princess.

DISNEY NETWORK On ApStar-7@76.5E (C)

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ABC DISNEY CHANNEL: How It All Started and What Went Right (and Wrong)
Disney’s domination of the entertainment industry began with a mouse — specifically, Mickey Mouse. But the company wasn’t always the shining success it is today. In fact, at one point in time, its future was so bleak that it became a running joke among industry insiders. But what happened to turn things around? And how did Disney’s television arm come to be such a massive player in the market? Find out more about their journey here!

Disney Channel is Much More than You Think If you’re a parent to a young child, chances are, you’ve seen Disney network on television. But is Disney just for children? Not by a long shot. The TV channel has transformed over the years into an entertainment powerhouse that can provide hours of entertainment for viewers of nearly all ages. By now, most people are aware that Disney created iconic characters like Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. However, there are several other lesser-known facts about Disney that may surprise you!

Disney Channel Original Series
I’m a big fan of family sitcoms. There are few things funnier than watching kids, parents, and grandparents interact with each other. It’s the same thing I find funny in many Disney Channel shows. So it’s no surprise that so much of their content is funny to me. That being said, there are a number of Disney Channel shows that seem to be focused on children more than others, or appear to target teens more than families. I’m not trying to say that these are the only good ones out there either; just my personal favorites.

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