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Dozens Dead in violent protest in South Africa over Jacob Zuma arrest

Dozens Dead in violent protest in South Africa over Jacob Zuma arrest

Let’s turn to south africa now which has been seeing several days of violence
after the jailing of the former president jacob zuma. Government official says the bodies of 10 people have been found after a stampede at the soweso shopping mall.
Many shops have been looted in hau tang
and kwazulu-natal. South africa’s defence minister has said that there is no need
for now to declare a state of emergency.
The army’s been deployed dozens of deaths have been reported in more than 700 arrests.

Dozens Dead in violent protest in South Africa over Jacob Zuma areest
This is now day five of the violent protests
and also looting that has now spread to two provinces here in guatemala natal. The home province of jacob zuma the former president and also the economic hub of the country. Which is how dang you spoke earlier about a stampede at a shopping center and even here in durban. It’s the scenes are quite the same. People trying to get as much as they can whatever they can get their hands on in
terms of them stealing and looting whatever they can see and find. Even though the military and the police have
been deployed. There’s been very little presence of the military here in durban today.

Who is coordinating this it’s very difficult to tell who is coordinating. We have tried
to find out exactly who but from our investigations. It does look like this is well coordinated and well planned because you would recall even before. Th former president was jailed. His supporters did say that there will be lawlessness and anarchy and that they would render south africa ungovernable. If the former president were to be jailed. We are seeing exactly that so those are indications. That this is a well-coordinated thought-out plan by probably. Jacob zuma’s supporters which has now know been infiltrated allegedly by people who are taking opportunity.
Dozens Dead in violent protest in South Africa over Jacob Zuma areest
Now because of these protests to start looting and that is what the secret service and the
south african police are currently investigating. Does jacob zuma stand much of a chance in the constitutional court to have this sentence overturned? Well as a matter of law jacob zuma has been sentenced by the constitutional court to serve a 15-month jail term by south african law. He will be eligible for parole in four
months. So after serving a quarter of his sentence it would be incredible. If the court were to overturn. You know that sentence simply because of the rioting that is taking place. I doubt the court will take whatever is going on outside the court into consideration
even though they were. You know to look into overturning his prison sentence currently.

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