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DPRK test-fires newly developed hypersonic missile

The DPRK says it has tested a new hypersonic gliding missile now re-identified as the hwasong-8. The projectile was fired off the country’s East coast on Tuesday. State mission kcna described the launch as a success of great strategic significance. The DPRK is seeking to increase its defence capabilities and kcna says the new missiles can move faster and more agile than ordinary ones is the third missile launched by the DPRK this month. It came just hours before South Korea’s Navy says it has launched a third submarine capable of firing ballistic missiles and Pyongyang is calling for Washington and South Korea to end. What it describes as their hostile policy.


South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in called an emergency meeting of his national security team within hours of the DPRK’s latest missile test. The sixth so far this year. The test came just before the DPRK’s ambassador to the United Nations. Kim Jong-un urged the U.S to give up its hostile policy towards Pyongyang. Saying a road to permanent peace would not be possible until the U.S stopped all military exercises and withdrew its strategic weapons from the Peninsula. This followed statements days earlier by the DPRK leader’s sister kim yo-jong that Pyongyang is open to South Korea’s idea of replacing the current decades-old truce with a formal peace agreement ending the Korean war along with a potential inter-korean summit. But she added SEOUL would have to end what she described.


As its double standard a term widely viewed. As meaning Seoul should stop criticizing the DPRK’s tests which are prohibited by the U.N. When South Korea is testing similar weapons. Seoul’s response on Tuesday did seem more cautious than in the past. The missile launch is regrettable at a time when they urgently need to stabilize the situation in the Korean Peninsula. Officials in Washington have said the U.S is ready to hold talks with Pyongyang anywhere, anytime. But the recent flurry of statements from Seoul and Pyongyang has many analysts speculating that some sort of working level talks may be possible soon.

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