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Earthquake shakes Melbourne

An earthquake has struck the Australian state of Victoria damaging buildings in Melbourne and causing tremors hundreds of kilometers away. Geologists say the quake is the largest in Southeast Australia since the 1800s.


This is what melbourne residents woke up to as the magnitude 6 earthquake hit the State of Victoria. The Northeastern town of Mansfield was the epicenter. But the tremors were felt strongly in the country’s second city and as far away as Canberra Sydney and adelaide the prime minister spoke just as he arrived in Washington.

At this stage there are no serious injuries or worse and that is very good news and we hope that good news will continue. But obviously we’ll get further news as the night unfolds there in the United States. But it can be a very disturbing event for an earthquake of this nature. They are rare events in Australia and as a result people would have been quite distressed and disturbed by that particularly in the most immediate area affected. Several buildings in a hospital were evacuated in Melbourne two one the Australian broadcasting service breakfast presenters were still in the studio when they felt the tremor.


A heart surgeon was in the middle of an operation when the earthquake hit. It was definitely extrapolated and and people could feel the effects of that fortunately.

This quake one of the country’s largest in recent years struck at a depth of 10 kilometers Victoria State. Emergency service warned residents about possible aftershocks.

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