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Economic hardships and international division hamper the Taliban consolidation of power

The U.N’s refugee agency is warning that Afghanistan needs urgent support from the international community to prevent a larger humanitarian crisis. The comments come as some countries suggest they will only engage with the Taliban if they agree to respect human rights in particular those of women and girls.


It appears peace in the Afghan capital which some residents have welcomed. But despite the improvement in the security situation certain sections of society fear and reject the heavily armed Taliban. There have been protests by women who are angry at their new undefined role in society. They fear misogynistic violence and their rights being curtailed their presence on the streets of towns and cities across. Afghanistan has significantly altered.


The Taliban have said they can get an education, but men and women have already been segregated at schools and universities. In the media too journalists have spoken of being on the receiving end of intimidation and violence for carrying out their work. Thousands of Afghans have already left their homeland in recent weeks and it’s expected many more will do so in the future. The Exodus or plans to leave are not only driven out of fear but also because of Afghanistan’s dire economic situation.


The Taliban need billions of Euros in aid and investment from the international community. If they are to help improve the lives of ordinary people and prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. But Afghanistan’s interim government faces an uphill battle to convince skeptical governments. It won’t rule in the same authoritarian style it did from 1996 to 2001. With rumors of a split in leadership. It may not just be on the international stage that the Taliban faces challenges. Can it avoid further political turmoil in an already weary Afghanistan.

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