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England freedome day come amid soaring covid-19

The England Freedom Day and The Covid-19 Surges

The british government has lifted most coronavirus restrictions in england in a move that’s being heavily criticized by many scientists. The mandate for wearing masks has been revoked and social distancing rules have been scrapped. Now london’s transport authority does still have a mask mandate in place and many commuters in london’s victoria station here continued to wear face coverings.

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Today the british government argues that the uk’s high rate of vaccination will protect the population against falling dangerously ill with the virus. We find it quite depressing actually and we think most people in our situation do to some. The freedom couldn’t feel further away. By the government’s own estimates lifting the rules could see them rocket to a record one hundred thousand a day but prime minister boris johnson’s backing his decision to rip up the rules pointing in part to the uk’s high vaccination rate. Johnson who’s spending freedom day in isolation.

After his health minister tested positive said the public needs to be cautious. But asked if not now then when if we don’t do it now then we’ll be opening up in the autumn and the winter months. When the virus has the advantage of the of the cold weather. We lose the precious fire break that we get with the school holidays. We don’t do it now we’ve got to ask ourselves when will we ever do it. So this is the right moment this is about ending government-imposed restrictions and allowing the public to make their own choices for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

People will be able to decide how many others they want to meet whether they follow social distancing guidelines or whether they choose to wear a mask. But with cases rising sharply there are many who see this as a gamble. Earlier this month over 1200 scientists and medics signed a letter branding freedom day dangerous and premature they fear climbing hospitalizations.

The risk to those not yet double vaccinated and of exposing a population to long covid. We can’t even express how immoral and unethical we think. The risks could also extend beyond the uk the strategy that the government is pursuing. It has been warned even by own scientific advisors may very well lead to a new variant emerging that is more likely to escape vaccines which would not only put our own pandemic response back by seven months.

But have huge global impacts dangerous experiment or calculated risk either way. This is something that’s being widely criticized by scientists epidemiologists they’re looking at the case numbers which are rising rapidly. In fact according to the government’s own estimates cases could hit a record one hundred a day perhaps even double that one expert warned england really is entering into uncharted territory here.

Authorities are relying on vaccines to do the heavy lifting but big questions remain about what happens what will happen to the health service with this unprecedented number of cases. The link between cases hospitalizations and deaths thankfully has very much been weakened. But it’s not been broken scientists as well warning about the risks to those who remain unvaccinated are the risks of long-covered and as well the risks that widespread the widespread cases could lead to the emergence of a new strain as well.

So, a good deal of concern here the government though arguing that releasing restrictions will always see a surge in cases. This is about lifting most of the remaining legal restrictions. So, large venues like stadiums cinemas will be able to operate at capacity. Now you do have night clubs opening as well which saw a lot of people very excited at the at midnight. A face mask wearing as well social distancing rules they’ve been relaxed although. We have still seen widespread mask wearing on public transport and in shops so far today.

One thing that will remain in place. Of course is the obligation to quarantine if you test positive and currently to quarantine. If you come into contact with someone who’s tested positive that’s causing considerable disruption at the moment with the prime minister. In fact among those isolating after coming into contact with his health minister that’s seeing a lot of people off work at the moment. A lot of warnings from businesses that they’re seeing staff shortages so while this may be freedom day significant disruption does still remain.

The prime minister there has also been some controversy over politicians themselves following these pandemic restrictions. Prime minister boris johnson and the chancellor after coming into contact with the health minister said that they were taking part in a pilot scheme which meant that they wouldn’t have to completely isolate and could continue to work.

There was huge outpouring of upset about that from opposition politicians on social media. As well they then backtracked saying they would in fact now isolate like other people are being asked to but of course it’s allegations are once again being leveled at this government. That they think it’s one rule for them and another rule for everyone.

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