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EU urges members to restrict non-essential travel from U.S

Two weeks ago the EU advised its member states to consider barring non-essential travel from the United States. Since then several countries including Bulgaria and Sweden have done just that. The EU first reopened its borders to American tourists back in June, but the U.S decision not to do the same in return remains a source of frustration for governments and businesses in Europe. Big river steel’s new plant in the U.S State of Arkansas.


It is considered one of the most modern in the world. It was a billion dollar contract for German plant constructor sms group. The keys to the works were only handed over after the Coronavirus Pandemic hit. But a U.S travel ban on EU countries early in the pandemic made the German engineering company’s work much more difficult to complete. The U.S does make exceptions to the ban in so-called national interest cases. But the mills of the country’s bureaucracy grind only very slowly. You only ever know at short notice if our employees can get in on it.


It very much complicates the business and as a result makes things very difficult to plan. President Trump closed U.S borders in March. Europe had also closed its borders down for a long time as it also tried to get the pandemic under control. But in June, of this year the EU opened up again and allowed U.S citizens to travel into the block without hindrance for months. Business here has been hoping the U.S would reciprocate frustration in the engineering and plant construction sector is machines. It is growing to install machinery.

Machines can’t be serviced or maintained executives can’t visit their subsidiaries in the engineering sector. They have 1,800 subsidiaries in the U.S and they can’t travel to trade fairs either which is important. The U.S exhibition season begins in the fall video conferencing has its limits in any business for plant construction specialist sms group though face-to-face meetings are extremely important. Especially when new contracts are concerned in the project business like they where negotiations can go on for days.


There’s always the opportunity in the evening to meet or talk more informally. All the interpersonal exchange is missing and often along with it. The capability of closing a deal, although some EU countries have tightened entry restrictions again. Vaccinated U.S citizens can still generally enter the block. But business travelers in the other direction.

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