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Euro 2020 : Italy beat England on penalties to win Euro final

Italy has won the Euro 2020 football championship beating england in a nail-biting penalty shootout this was the scene in rome when the italian goalkeeper saved england’s final attempt.
Italy has now secured their first european championship trophy in 53 years the game at wembley stadium.


There was 65000 spectators in the stands for the first time since the pandemic began.
There well scarcely has so much expectation being heaped on the shoulders of such a young team to be honest many of them in their early 20s but the reality was that many people believe this was england’s best chance of scooping a major football tournament for many many years.
They had several advantages they had home advantage for example all three of their group games were here at wembley. The quarterfinal they went to rome and played Ukraine but then they were back here at wembley for the semi-final and now this final.

They had what many people believed was the easier side of the draw to get here for the final and yet again england fall at the final hurdle and the most cruelest of ways through penalties.
It seems that england just have this who do when it comes to penalty shootouts after extra time.

The fans thronging out it’s been a party here outside the stadium for hours and hours and hours since way before two o’clock this afternoon many ticketless fans step back in many ticketless fans simply came down to the stadium to soak up the atmosphere to drink alcohol to eat food to chant and sing those 65000 fans lucky enough to get tickets and go in with biting through the whole game.
There was they expected there was a hope at the start when the england scored luke shaw just after two minutes but then they seemed to seem to lose their way particularly in the second half italy really bossing that second half england’s kind of composing themselves for the final minutes of the 90.

Then into extra time no breakthrough and penalties and yet again england fall short.
Here must be a completely different atmosphere there after that win, Definitely joy a total release during that that those penalties it was such stress here uproarious joy uproarious screams of  passion and fear that they were going to lose it all all within 30 seconds every passion imaginable in a football match we’d seen this match go back and forth from the beginning when england went up 1-0 just two minutes in and then there was a long here of just quiet as people watched waiting for italy equalized they finally did and from then they saw that italy was on the attack and then when it went extra time and went into penalties there was just an intense amount of passion and joy and stress.

The shadow of the roman coliseum walking around during throughout the game saw people watching in restaurants bars everyone rapturous watching this team a team that has captivated the nation in this wake of the worst days of the pandemic in italy the country that had suffered worse than any other western country earliest still one of the highest death rates in all of of europe so there was a lot more happening here than just football.

There was a whole country’s hopes passions and feeling of freedom of being able to celebrate together something after so many long months of being cloistered with just families in their homes and perhaps just going back and forth to work in school so a lot of joy here on display people very happy and it was such a intense final few moments to witness it.

They’ve had an extraordinary run and they were there well it’s now 34 on 34 matches unbeaten it is quite extraordinary isn’t it it’s it’s a huge achievement considering this happened also in the wake of such a devastating 2021 world cup and which italy didn’t even qualify for the finals so we saw this country battered by the pandemic battered by recent football history and this team just captivated people and under the directorship under the leadership of coach roberto.

Italy really rallied around him as this larger than life personality that that shaped this team and made it able to come back like this in such a short time to come in and claim victory in this very important tournament.
A tournament that played on the home field of england their opponent seemed like history might be playing for them but italy pushed they took back the momentum in the in the second period and then got a lucky break perhaps in the penalties and took it home.

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