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Experts expect further violence eruptions of La Palma Volcano

Experts expect further violence eruptions of La Palma Volcano

Now to Spain and the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Canary Islands shows no sign of slowing down. More than three weeks since it first erupted. Autorities on la palma have issued new evacuation orders as lava starts to flow in new directions. Threatening towns that had previously escaped damage roads walls. Nothing can stop the rivers of lava after weeks of living in the shadow of Cumbre Vieja’s endless eruptions. People on the Spanish Island of La Palma are shaken and exhausted thousands of residents have already fled. Now hundreds more have to abandon their homes as molten rock forges a new path towards their town.

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The lava is flowing leads to people’s houses and they are trying to get out what they can because you can’t fight against nature over the weekend part of the volcano’s cone collapsed sending a lava flow in a new direction and destroying what was left of a small town. An industrial zone has been swallowed up releasing toxic gases and yet more eruptions and new lava streams are threatening other populated areas.

People are scared they are crying because it’s sad to run away leaving everything behind, leaving the house. But the most important thing is their own life even where the lava hasn’t reached ash coats everything made up of rock and glass particles it’s dangerous to breathe in. La Palma’s economy is suffering too businesses and fruit plantations have been wiped out and after weeks of restricted access the Island’s tourism industry is stumbling. The last time Cumbre Vieja erupted, it lasted just over three weeks. But three weeks on this time and there’s still no end in sight.

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