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Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram back after outage

Billions of users of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram have finally had their services restored after a global outage which showcased just how dependent we are on a company that is under intense scrutiny. The outage lasted for almost six hours. It was blamed on an internal technical issue that not only affected Facebook services, but reportedly also employees work passes an email as well Mark Zuckerberg apologized for the disruption. He said that his teams were working as fast as possible to debug and restore the platforms.


But the share price closed down almost five percent in New York. The impact has been severe more than 3.5 billion people around the world use the three biggest social platforms owned by Facebook including many companies that rely on them for advertising and sales Facebook. You’ll know is also used to sign in to many other apps and services so that caused this domino effect when people could not log into shopping websites or sign into their smart TVs.


The most direct impact was Whatsapp which many of the people use to communicate. So, frequently this will have any impact on an ongoing basis for Facebook. We saw that share price impacted by this businesses and users affected during the outage. Everything seems to be back online and working. Now, hoping that there’s no lasting technical impact.

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1 Comment

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