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Fire crews light backfires to contain caldor in California

The U.S state of California crews are lighting backfires to deprive the calder of fuel as it raises for a ninth consecutive day.

The blaze has burned through a 30,000 acres over the weekend alone. This report has details as part of the world receive record downpours triggering devastating flash flooding raging wildfires continue to eat up acreages globally reinforcing. The urgency to tackle climate change in California fire crews are creating a perimeter for the advancing caldo fire. Authorities say that the fire has charred 1,04,000 acres and is only 5 percent contained so far.

Meanwhile down South in Brazil firefighters struggled to control a blaze at jQuery State park in Sao Paulo authorities say three active fires have burned through more than 1200 hectares. They noted dry weather and high temperatures help the flames spread over in europe. Wildfires in Southern France have been brought under control.

But are yet to be extinguished some 400 crews are battling the flames which have burned through 8,000 hectares and claimed two lives increase in new blaze has erupted in a forested area that was devastated by flames last week prompting evacuations from two villages.

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