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Floods in Germany: 160 dead, hundreds missing


Four days after torrential rains triggered deadly floods in western Germany survivors have now turned their focus toward the daunting task of rebuilding but with
emergency services still busy looking for bodies and securing vital infrastructure.


Floods In Germany

Many residents are left to seek help from volunteers or go it alone and beer. it looks like a village fate but it’s not what it seems this is just a break time for the volunteers organizing an arduous relief effort now that the flood water has subsided solidarity is the one thing on everyone’s minds. Now getting people who have been affected by the floods back on their feet as quickly as possible people have traveled from nearby villages and further to get here to lend a helping hand with the clear up over the weekend around 200 Football fans descended on the region and have been distributed around the affected areas.

They’ve been helping locals by rolling up their sleeves to clear debris from homes restaurants and the ruined beer hall. it’s great that people are lending a hand the generous response has stunned locals. they’re out helping to clear up so much willingness to help it’s wonderful despite all the volunteers many people have been left wondering why there hasn’t been more help from the authorities. Those at the top are trying to bring
order to the chaos but it’s not really working a lot of help is coming from volunteers and residents they’re showing an awful lot of initiative but you can’t really say that people at the top are helping with so many areas overwhelmed by the floods.

Rescue services say they’re at breaking point it’s pretty difficult to get help to everyone and They have to prioritize if a report that someone’s still trapped in a building then people with water in their basement say end up being pushed to the back of the queue.

Many residents still wondering how this disaster could have happened that help will be much appreciated.
The dozens of people reported missing the devastation is just astounding the streets are filled with debris. everything is completely destroyed the ground floors of homes have been completely filled with water and mud so residents have been trying to clean everything up.
They have put all their furniture on the streets and the problem here is that the streets are quite small so it is difficult for example for big trucks or excavators to come in and take all these things out and bring them to the dump.

So it is going to take a few days for the town to be cleaned up. buti t’s not just the loss of objects of things it is also the loss of lives the number of the dead keeps rising up to 116 people dead in only this region and the authorities expect more casualties to to emerge now chancellor Mackel came to the region there on sunday
she visited and talked to residents.

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