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Food in Magic Kingdom – Affordable and Delicious

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is where you go to ride roller coasters and meet your favorite Disney characters. But what about the food? Is it good? Is it cheap? Can you afford to eat at one of the top restaurants every day during your next visit? For those that plan on spending a lot of time in the park, we’ve created this list of our top choices for eating at the Magic Kingdom.

1. Top 5 Restaurants in the Magic Kingdom: Affordable and Delicious
If you’re looking to eat at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, here are the top five affordable and delicious restaurants: 1. Columbia Harbour House (Liberty Square) – This is Disney’s version of a seafood restaurant.The menu is integrated with the main entertainment offerings, but you’re still able to feel like you’re dining al fresco and snacking on all the real things. 2. Epcot’s Café du Chateau (Between Spaces Needle and Old Port Royale) – This historic French Quarter restaurant, featuring foie gras, baguettes, jams and butter – like it says on the tin. 3. Hollywood Brown Derby (Across the Port of Apartment Park) – Set inside Epcot’s Brown Derby Cafe, these old-school soul food joints serve soulful, freshly-pared food. 4. Port Orleans Seafood from When Pigs Fly (Galliano Square) – Everything is fresh and seasonal with this cart that ships their catch from the coast of Louisiana to Epcot and the World Showcase. 5. Wolfgang Puck Grill (Peter Pan and Hollywood Studios) – Wolfgang Puck grills everything from whole-animal meats like pork shoulder and skirt to water and veggie burgers. Not sure what you want? No problem. Be prepared to ask.
Disney’s dining options at Epcot are legendary, but unless you live near the resort, will you have the time or the appetite to drive down to check them out? Luckily, you don’t have to.
House of Blues – Neighborhood of Dreams
Just across the street from the Epcot Center is the legendary House of Blues. The rooftop bar is grandiose and immaculate with an amazing view of the Magic Kingdom all the way from the balcony of the bar. We’ll admit, we were tempted by the Tiki bar at Disney’s Grand Floridian, but that wasn’t a place we wanted to spend our time. You have to respect the House of Blues for always having something amazing to eat when we’re there, but they also caters to both locals and visitors. The food is awesome.
2. Our Top 3 Recommendations for Authentic Disney Cuisine
Our top three recommendations for authentic Disney cuisine are:
1) the fried chicken at the Roaring Fork restaurant in the Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World
2) the gelato at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World
3) the bacon mac and cheese at the Hollywood and Vine restaurant at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World.
Served at the Living Seas Bar & Grill from the Magic Kingdom, the fried chicken at the Wilderness Lodge is hand-breaded, then deep fried and served with coleslaw, pickles, and celery. It’s the same dish at Animal Kingdom restaurants, but where better to enjoy it than at the only restaurant that’s situated in the middle of the giant lake? The fresh pasture-raised chicken is seasoned with a secret blend of spices and served with grilled onions and celery. The Wilderness Lodge is definitely a bucket list staple if you’re interested in Disney dining in particular, but if those seafood patties and fried chicken aren’t your thing, you could always try the Ocean View restaurant at Animal Kingdom for a tasty and affordable fried catfish sandwich, which is somehow still delicious for under $12.35.
If you want to make your reservations for the Fantasmic event on December 16 afternoons, we suggest calling 407–WDW–CELL for a dinner tour. This tour walks guests through the park, shows them where and how to park, takes them on a virtual tour of the theater, and even gives access to Astro Orbiter and Test Track.
We tried making reservations for last year’s Fantasmic, but it racked up extremely high cancellation rates almost immediately due to the EF attraction closures. This year, things have changed as Fantasmic returns to its normal nightly time slot twice a month. We checked the park’s website just after midnight on December 1st with reservations open. The website says those rooms are still available, but you might want to call ahead to confirm before running their prediction. The typical rate is $125 per person, and some offers were offered to those with family members staying with them.
3. Where to Find Cheap, Tasty Eats at the Magic Kingdom
We’ve tried to hit the most popular items to save you the hassle of hunting down recommendations. Our goal was to provide a comprehensive list of the best food within easy walking distance of the park’s main entrance (if you don’t want to ride the coaster — of course). We also included items that offer reasonable prices, allowing you to prioritize what you want. And finally, we included suggestions of what to sip on — some of our favorites include the classic iced tea, lemonade, iced coffee, and mocha.
Please note: This is a repost with an archive of the article. The information included should not be considered medical advice. Seek the help of your own doctor or healthcare provider if you have a medical condition.
Tip: If you’re highly skeptical about eating five courses for $100, but want to try Disney World on its taxidermically themed roller coasters, this is your best bet. Food at the World of Disney can be expensive, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy it.
The Good
Each course at Epicerike’s takes less than an hour, making this lunch a great option for families to share and develop relationships. We chose the Zucchini Fresh Italian bread-raised flatbread and the Filet O’ Fish, a Louisiana product similar to fresh cod. You get eight courses for about $75. The main attraction of the meal is likely the mocha — a mix of spiced milk spouted with chocolate syrup drizzled with a raspberry foam. Choose from mocha or raspberry flavor options to keep your beverage preferences simple.
The Bad
The Rock-Ola Cafe serves diner-style comfort food in the park. The menu consists of fried chicken, tacos, mashed potatoes, chocolate creamer, and more.
4. Dining Plans at the Magic Kingdom: What You Need to Know
Walt Disney World has four different dining plans to choose from: Quick-Service Dining Plan, the Regular Dining Plan, the Deluxe Dining Plan, and the Premium Dining Plan. The number of credits you need for each plan depends on the number of days you’re staying at a Walt Disney World hotel.If you want to skip the lines and see the park on your own schedule, the Regular Dining Plan might be best for you.
For the Deluxe Dining Plan, your credits stack onto each other, meaning you get more credits for the three-hour breakfast, less for the three-hour lunch, etc. For example, if you want to see six different movies, you could spend $350 for the full four-day breakfast plan if you want to. On the other hand, if you do the breakfast and lunch every day, it will cost $208 every three hours for breakfast, and $224 for lunch. Add a couple extra movie credits, and you’re at $336 for breakfast and lunch every day.
Here are the different breakfast and lunch options offered at each park’s dining plan.
Quick-Service Dining Plan
These breakfast and lunch foods are consumed at other food locations throughout the Walt Disney World complex.
Omelets are available in the Marketplace Restaurant.
Classic pancakes, waffles, baked beans, English muffins, croissants, doughnuts (with or without icing), and coffee sandwiches are available in many locations around the food court.
Sandwiches, burgers, salads, macaroni and cheese, tuna salad (with aioli), poached egg, and turkey club sandwich are all available.
Imported American hot dogs and pretzels are available in the food court.
Original pizza is available in locations throughout the food court.
Six different Main Courses are available nightly.
Calamarian Wrap is available in the Marketplace Restaurant.
Lobster roll is available in the Marketplace Restaurant.
Salads include an assortment of big and small-style chopping salad kits with Kids’ McCrinkled Fruit Salad, light and regular green beans, romaine lettuce, and fried plantains.

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