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France: Protests Against COVID Health Pass

Liberty equality fraternity the founding principles of the french republic are at odds with one another as protesters in paris and other major cities continue to demonstrate against the covid19 health pass.

The health pass takes away people’s liberty of whether they want to be vaccinated or not whether they want to go left or right it deprives them of everything.

Health workers were among the over two hundred thousand demonstrators who turned out on saturday the primary concern being the safety of vaccines and anger at what they call discriminatory measures with police promising to tighten enforcement in the week to come the health pass which took effect last monday limits entry into public spaces to those who are vaccinated or recently tested negative.
But not all are opposed to the covet control measures the health pass is working out quite well
Customers are quite receptive and they show the past rather quickly practically not made any refusals¬† to each his own it’s their choice but at some point if they want to move on they need to get vaccinated.

The number of people in intensive care has doubled in the last month nearing 2000 cases though it’s less than a third of the last lockdown peak the french health ministry says 9 in every 10 patients admitted to intensive care had not been vaccinated vaccination rates jumped after the health pass plans were announced last month with nearly 70 percent of the country having received one dose and close to 50 percent fully inoculated with a survey showing the majority of france supports the health pass all those desiring a coughing croissant will need to come bearing their qr code for the foreseeable future.

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