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France recalls ambassadors to U.S, Australia over AUKUS submarine deal

France has recalled its ambassadors to the United States and Australia that’s after Canberra scrapped a major French submarine purchase in favor of nuclear-powered subs built with U.S technology. Foreign minister said the cancellation of the contract was quite unacceptable behavior between allies and partners. On Wednesday u.s president Joe Biden infuriated Paris by announcing a new Indo-pacific security alliance with Australia and Britain. France is set to lose 31 billion Euros on the submarines.


A key reason for the French anger is the way that this deal between Australia the U.S and the UK has been announced. Now officials in Paris say that they were really not informed about this deal until a few hours before. It was announced and they also say it was a complete surprise because they had no idea that it was part of a new security alliance involving three countries including the UK and this is seen here as undercutting France’s own Indo-pacific strategy. French officials also say this is very much at odds with what Australian. France is really there’s a lot of shock. It’s really been blindsided by this announcement where does this leave France’s presence in the Asia Pacific region and it’s the only EU nation with territories there.


France is the only European power to have a presence in the Indo-pacific. It still has considerable territory up to up to two million citizens. It has a strong military presence in a vast maritime stretch of the South Pacific. This really does raise questions about its relationship with U.S, with Australia which has been an Ally in the Indo-pacific. This submarine deal was seen as a kind of a centerpiece of rejuvenation of ties between Paris and Canberra and now the scuppering of this deal they potentially could raise questions about a rupture between Australia and France.


The scuppering of this deal has certainly meant a huge economic damage for the France’s defense sector and it has also meant a lot of losses for a vast network of small and medium-sized companies in France. In 2021 – 202, Australia signed the submarine deal for a price tag of about 31 billion dollars that was huge. France committed providing 12 conventional submarines and the French media have been saying that about 500 people have been working on building those submarines in a town. In normandy and the fear now there is that those jobs may will be lost and and diplomatically this is not good news for french president. Who faces re-election in just about seven months.

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1 Comment

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