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German election exit polls place social Democrats narrowly ahead

Exit polls suggest the tightest of races in the German election with little separating the two main parties in the race to succeed Angela Merkel.

Excitement ricocheted around the headquarters of Germany’s social Democrats dismissed as political has been not long ago the smell of election victory even if a narrow one now hung in the air results though still need to be confirmed. This has been a very tight election and the exact makeup of Germany’s next government is far from certain. It’s certainly going to be a long night. But it’s also certain that many German citizens voted social democrats because they want a change in government and because they want their next chancellor to be called Olaf Schultz confusingly perhaps. But because the vote is so tight at a different party headquarters. The conservative candidates backed by Angela Merkel also claimed right to try to form a government.


Although party is looking at its worst election result since 1949. They had 16 years in Germany with angela merkel as chancellor and this is why they will try everything to form a government under the leadership of the cdu csu union. It appears voters weren’t bowled over by any single party people. They spoke to at polling stations. Earlier seemed pulled in very different directions the Christian democrats have been in power for the past 16 years and a lot of the challenges were not really addressed and avoid for change. But not dramatic change, the climate crisis is the most pressing issue. They have to deal with urgently the environment was a big election issue. Germany’s green party didn’t perform as strongly as it had hoped. But it’s tipped to play a key role in the next German government.

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