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Deadly Floods in Germany, Belgium

Germany , Belgium floods

All emergency workers in western Germany and Belgium are searching for hundreds of people believed to be missing after devastating floods which followed days of heavy rain so far more than 160 people are confirmed to have died.

Germany , Belgium floods

Germany,Belgium floods
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As the flood waters slowly recede that figure is likely to rise in the German the scale of the disaster is slowly being revealed rescuers have spent the day searching submerged vehicles for anyone who didn’t make it out Alive. It was rush hour when the water quickly inundated highway number 265 near a Town catching unexpected drivers and passengers by surprise soldiers and rescue workers tried to reach trapped cars finding out if everyone made it out in time.

We hoped that they made it out of their cars but we are not sure and we can guarantee that there are perhaps people in the cars we could not check all cars and if you see the quality of the water also the check with divers is of no use looking at how challenging it is to free this one highway it becomes clear that recovery will take time. it’s hard to imagine the panic of people stuck in traffic when the road suddenly filled up with water reinforcements have now come from all over germany because not only were residents completely taken by surprise by the floods.

They also completely overwhelmed government services during his visit to a town German.
President Frank walter told survivors they will get help but have to be patient and this help that has been promised should also be for the communities who in the next days and weeks won’t only have to clear up the damage but we’ll also have to rebuild everything the roads that are destroyed the bridges that have been swept away and that is why it is good that such support has been agreed a landslide buried at least three houses .

Damaged others one woman lost her son who was swept away by the mudflow his body has yet to be recovered she and other residents are anxiously begging authorities to allow them to return to Holland Manhattan. There is no electricity no water no gas the whole infrastructure is down albus pouring in from across germany for those who had to leave their homes in a hurry with only the clothes they were wearing people were lucky enough not to be affected are volunteering to help. They have clothes shoes for men women and children everything they need it’s great to see how much support is coming in the outpouring of solidarity gives hope to those who have not only lost their loved ones homes or belongings but also their belief that their town was a safe place to live.

Meanwhile in Belgium at least 27 people there have died since flooding began on wednesday more than 100 people though are still unaccounted for troops have been sent into four of the country’s ten provinces to help with rescue and evacuation efforts.
Now from the city of liege where most of the victims have been found there’s not much to save for some residents in this neighborhood of the Belgian city of liege most furniture and appliances are ruined cars wrecked the flood waters that have caused so much damage have finally subsided. But the cleanup has only just begun the water covered the cupboards.
Nothing left no home no furniture or clothes it’s so hard.

Many people have come and rallied around to help handing out food and water or lending a hand on nearly every affected street volunteers it’s about solidarity supporting people to show they aren’t alone with this devastation when they see all these young people coming to help them during their summer holidays.
It’s just amazing and heart warming.
Belgium’s prime minister visited the town he’s called the floods unprecedented but this scientist says climate change is to blame the rainfall was of course exceptional but all of our climate data shows that it could happen again in the future.

Emergency workers continue to move people from areas and homes considered unsafe as they reach regions that were cut off by flood waters they say they may find more bodies as dozens of people are missing.
Belgium, scientists have long warned that climate change will lead to heavier downpours but it’ll be some time before we know if it played a role in the flooding across europe researchers say a one degree rise in average global temperature temperatures increases the atmosphere’s capacity to hold water by seven percent raising the chance of heavy rainfall events like this one.

The average global temperature is now about 1.2 degrees celsius above the pre-industrial average modeling of more than 400 weather events from storms to droughts and heat waves has found that 70 percent were made more likely or more severe by human-caused climate change they say that events like the recent record-breaking heatwave in the U.S and canada are at least 150 times more likely to occur because of climate change.

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