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Germany’s Covid-19 vaccination rate stagnates at 62%

Germany has launched another push to encourage people to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Just over 60 percent of people here have been jabbed far fewer than in some other European nations. The majority of patients in intensive care are unvaccinated. So why are so many Germans still reluctant to get the shot.


The idea to make it as easy as possible to get vaccinated. The organizers say that it is working. They had over 80s who received their third vaccinations. Various people getting their first vaccinations. So a mixture of people who really decided spontaneously while shopping and people who came there after hearing about it in the media. All over Germany health workers are trying to reach people who have yet to get a shot as the country’s vaccination campaign sputters. Germany wants 75 percent of the population to be immunized against the Coronavirus heading into the fall to prevent a deadly surge of infections. So far only just over 62 percent have received the necessary shots.


German president has also stepped in to do some convincing. Now it’s important to tell people again it’s not just about you, when you decide against vaccination you’re not only deciding against yourself and risking your own health. You are also risking the health of others. Most Covid-19 patients in intensive care in Germany are now unvaccinated. The government has stressed time and again that it’s not planning on making vaccinations mandatory. But several of Germany’s 16 states have started restricting access to certain venues for people who haven’t received their shots that’s a persuasive reason for some to get the job like there in Munich.


Germany’s vaccination rate has stagnated and is below a number of European countries like Spain, Denmark, Portugal or Belgium. The national vaccination campaign is too slow and there was not enough effort in the government’s action for this vaccination campaign overall. We should appreciate the combined effort to make getting a jab as easy and convenient as possible which is happening in this week right now. But given the current stagnation of the vaccination numbers in front of the backdrop of rising hospitality hospitalization rates and also the high infection rate. This vaccination week again span.


The health minister announced is just too little and too late and from now on every week has to be a vaccination week. We are running out of time autumn is coming and the winter is coming and we have to fear that we are facing a very heavy fourth wave over there in Germany. The health service coped quite well. The death rates will rise exponentially, Germany already lost about a hundred thousand lives over there. In Germany due to that awful pandemic, so there is a high price Germany paid.

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