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Global warming: UN climate report ‘code red for humanity’

Crackling wildfires raging rivers devastating storms global scientists warning that climate change and its devastating effects are on the verge of getting out of control.
global warming

In the coming decades temperatures will be hotter extreme events more frequent and severe climate change is a problem that is here now nobody is safe and it’s getting worse faster the new landmark report issued by the intergovernmental panel on climate change says that unless there is immediate rapid and large-scale reductions in greenhouse gas emissions limiting global warming to one and a half degrees celsius would be beyond reach even under a best case scenario.

Scientists say that threshold will likely be crossed in the next two decades earlier than some past predictions no region on the planet is spared and the blame for the first time being put squarely on humans who have failed to curb their reliance on fossil fuels despite decades of warnings from scientists it is indisputable that human activities are causing climate change and making extreme weather events more frequent and severe.

The world’s oceans ice sheets and sea levels will suffer the worst fate the report saying changes already underway will be irreversible for thousands of years as heat trapped deep in the oceans will continue to cause melting we are damaging the climate in such a way for the next generations that this will certainly make the socio-economic difficulty in the future much much worse than in our generation despite the dire warnings the report does offer small glimmers of hope the worst outcomes can still be avoided if the planet can bring emissions to zero.

in the coming decades and reverse deforestation the IPCC report comes just three months before global leaders meet in scotland for cop 26 climate negotiations they are facing increased pressure to show up not only with more ambitious climate goals but also with specific strategies on how to reach those goals even with their best efforts though the planet is changing although the cost of inaction will be much higher.

it is a bleak picture this year alone has seen storms floods and wildfires now according to scientists it is unequivocal the humans are largely to blame for warming the oceans land and atmosphere through our burning of coal oil and gas we have been telling us for over three decades of the dangers of allowing the planets warm the world listened but didn’t hear the world listen but it did not act strongly enough and as a result climate change is a problem.

The wildfires do happen every year but it is the scale of them and the intensity of them that has taken everybody by surprise this year and that looks set to continue the first UN report issued in 1990 had predicted human cause climate change would become evident at the time it couldn’t prove with evidence that it was happening that’s now changed on nearly every measurement our climate is more extreme and it’s set to get worse human activities are causing climate change and making extreme weather events more frequent and severe second it shows that climate change is affecting every region on our planet and lastly it explains that strong rapid sustained reductions in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions would be required to limit global warming right now it’s some of the world’s poorest countries that are feeling the effects but they contribute less to greenhouse gases there is hope though if the biggest emitters are able to commit to and deliver sharp reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Some positive changes but it would have to happen within the next 20 years the Covid19 pandemic briefly reduced air pollution but it did not halt climate change the damage it seems already done some issues like greenland’s glaciers melting and sea levels rising are irreversible and unless there’s a dramatic change in human behavior the world should expect an unsettled and uncertain future.

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