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Greece : Fires threaten historic sites of ancient Olympic as Greece battles wildfire

Wildfires in western turkey have breached a thermal power plant in wool.

Crews were able to remove explosive materials before hand, but there are fears that the tons of coal left inside could still ignites. And in greece, more than 70 people have been hospitalized with breathing problems after wildfires broke out an and around athens, enveloping the city in a smoky haze. What began as a clear blue sky over the aggression capital. Tuesday soon turned into plumes of smoke smothered by athens. By thursday, was a thick smog smothers there.

City raging fires raging in the outskirts of athens forced people to flee from their homes. The fires are largely controlled, but they could surge again as greece battles its worst heat wave in more than 30 years. In neighboring turkey, firefighters are struggling to contain deadly blazes sweeping across parts of the country, Becoming more dangerous by the moment.

Image : Aljazeera

After incinerating swaths of forest, flames have reached a power station the country. southwest. The plant was evacuated and some of its inflammable material was dumped, but environmentalists are still worried. The president of turkey says that this is the worst fire that the country has ever seen.cHeavy gusts of wind with threaten the one country to continue burning. Surrounding countries also face heat warnings. They use scientists say that the mediterranean is becoming a fire hot spot, with crisis is a threat to all in europe.

So why can they do to contain these fires?

At the moment, there are a lot of fires still burning. Some of them very serious. There is a fire on the Island of a via that seems to be out of control at the moment, and more villages are being evacuated. This is a tourist destination. As well so well and there’s also a very large fire wall burning around ancient Olympia. So there is large efforts to contain the fire before it reaches the archeologicals pace. So just to give you an idea of the scale of the fires in Greece in the last 48 hours.

There is a good 2 hatred fires will break out as a result of the heat wave. The temperatures here are sweltering. They are looking at an average temperature of 43 degrees celsius a day. That is the highest, and the most extensive heat wave had in greece in over 4 decades. So, conditions remain difficult. There was a large fire that has now been put out, but it was burning for a couple of days there until yesterday.

As a result, the skies remain hazy, it’s difficult to breathe, you can really taste, almost, the tastes smoke. And authorities have been asking people to stay indoors and tried to keep their windows closed in order to keep the air particles out from reaching heir homes. So this is a heat wave that they expect to last for a week. They expect conditions to remain difficult and there is also weather forecasts that winds are likely to pick up, rosemary.

A lot of people there in Greece don’t have access to air conditioning. The conditions about efforts to shelters. Some of these people who could perhaps lose their homes, or certainly and your very severe conditions. A lot of people have already lost their homes on the Island. At least 150 homes have been

destroyed. And during the large athens fire, dozens of houses as well. So authorities have taken measures, they are have ensured that these people are being put up in hotels. And there are shelters, there are communal spaces for people who don’t have air conditioning.

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