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Guinea’s junta leaders hold consultations with representative from banking and other institutions

Guinea’s rulings junta says no exile for detained former president. It says a transition towards Guinea’s rule  will be done in accordance with the will of the people. Consultations between the new military authorities and all the political and social components of the country resumed on saturday. This involved the general managers of banking microfinance and insurance institutions. The president of the cnrd has promised to support the banking sector. This has been welcomed by the bosses of banks and microcredits.


First of all they have reviewed their legal difficulties. They will make a memorandum to really present the economic situation of the banking sector with achievements grievances and recommendations secondly. They want to work for the development of Guinea which they have in common and third. They will continue to work to finance. The private sector as amy’s women and young people and create wealth in every corner of Guinea. The aim of the meeting was to reassure Guinea’s financial sector that the cnrd will do everything possible to continue to promote the business climate that will enable them to continue their activities.

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