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Haiti earthquake: death toll rises to 2,000 & 10000 injured

Close to 2000 people have died in the Haiti earthquake while nearly 10000 have been wounded.
The earthquake destroyed homes leaving thousands homeless Haiti has declared a month-long state of emergency in the four provinces affected by the earthquake.

The economic impact of the earthquake and the rebuilding efforts it’s very tough for the people in the south. it’s very difficult because people have to choose staying in house where still have a lot of threats of upcoming earthquake shakes and at the same time they have to deal with tropical storms and so it’s very difficult and plus the help they need the assistance they need actually never come to really help those people in danger or in neend and the economic impact cannot be understated.

This is happening in 11 years after the devastating 2010 earthquake it’s happening just a month after the assassination of the president this tragedy couldn’t have happened at the worst time.
The earthquake had just given a big blow to a regional economy already on its knees about like two and a half years the problem of insecurity on the southern world they have already paralyzed a good part of the economic activity in the great south region just like a tourism rooting activities and agriculture and small trade so this earthquake comes to further decapitalize families destroy infrastructures agriculture industrial production sites.

This earthquake actually increase the dependence on diaspora remittance and assistance and will be likely put more people on immigration uh uh uh i mean to to commit to migrate to go to other countries in latin america.

The prime minister requested the support of government officials was trying to mobilize some resources medical supplies were the most urgent resources that were required but in terms of rebuilding the economy and chatting the way forward has the prime minister indicated what plan he has that’s the same mistake in 2010 so no plan everybody just come on the ground give water give shelter give food and then that’s it.

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