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Haiti police battle gunmen who killed president, amid fears of chaos

Haiti police battle gunmen who killed president, amid fears of chaos

The widow of slain haitian leader
jovanelle moyes who was critically
wounded in the attack that killed him.
Issued her first public remarks saturday
since the assault calling on her nation not to lose its way. In an audio message posted on her official twitter account three days after her husband was shotcdead in their home martine moyes said i am alive thanks to God.

Haiti police battle gunmen who killed president, amid fears of chaos

I am alive but i have lost my husband. Jovenel martine moyes was rushed to a haitian hospital after the attack in the early hours of wednesday. She was later evacuated to miami florida for treatment. According to haitian authorities an armed commando of 28 men 26 colombians and two haitian americans burst in and opened fire on the couple in their home. So far 17 have been arrested and at least three killed a handful remain at large. According to police haiti’s interim government has asked the united states and the u.n to deploy troops to protect key infrastructure. As it tries to stabilize the country
ethiopia’s ruling prosperity. Party has been declared the winner of last month’s national election in a landslide
assuring a second.

Term for prime minister abi ahmed the nationalcelection board of ethiopia says the party won 410 seats out of 436 contested in the federal parliament.

Which will see some seats remain vacant
after one-fifth of constituencies didn’t vote due to unrest or logistical reasons. No voting occurred in the conflict hit to gry region.cAfghan president ashraf ghani is appealing to the taliban to return to
negotiations for a peaceful solution to the conflict. In the country as reuters eamer mccarthy reports it came as fighting continued around the city of kunduz.
Afghan security forces and armed citizens clashed with taliban fighters. On the outskirts of kunduz on saturday in a bid to drive them out of the northern city. video footage obtained by reuters showed armed citizens and afghan forces at the battlefield on the outskirts of the city. With gunfire heard in the background. Taliban gangs have been especially dramatic in northern provinces.

Where they have long been kept at bay
most kunduz districts have now fallen to the taliban the islamist insurgents have been advancing for weeks in an offensive that has accelerated as the us pulled out of its main base effectively.

Ending its two-decade intervention in the countryvthat’s reuters emer mccarthy officials removed two confederate statues in charlottesville virginia including.
One that was at the center of a deadly
riot in 2021. On saturday ap’s julie walker reports cheers went up as general robert e leeccame down. Zion bryant petitioned to remove the statues for the young people out there. I hope that this empowers you to speak up on the issues that matter and to take charge in your own cities and communities. While scores applauded a handful opposed with one heckler that former city council member.

Christine segas says the removal sends a powerful message
we’re finally ready to be a community that doesn’t telegraph through our public art. That we are pretty line with white supremacy. Thomas stonewall jackson’s statue was also taken down years of litigation held up the removals. In 2021 a unite the right rally led to the death of heather heyer A counter-protester. I’m julie walker recovery work continues
and the death toll continues to mount in the rubble of a collapsed condominium
building in surfside florida.
A morning news conference miami-dade mayor daniela levine caba said the death toll from the june 24th collapse has risen to 86.

Please pray for all of those who’ve lost loved ones and whose hearts are broken from this unspeakable tragedy for those who are still waiting. Officials also announced that the miami-dade courthouse would undergo an inspection for structural problems.

Because of safety concerns prompted by the building collapse no one has been found in the rubble of the building. Last week as the company’s shares took a tumble they must have been asking if their golden goose was about to be slain. Though i have slain many on this day it.

Haiti police battle gunmen who killed president, amid fears of chaos

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Gone were the bronze statues and late
modern abstractions of earlier years. The two statues are generally believed to date from the 5th century. But some believe they may be of later origin. Ahe wad as extremely ornate and ambellished with muralsbstatues and glittering goldvalone in my room i collapsed on my bed.
Like a temperamental teenager and
proceeded to drench my pillow with tears. We collapsed in laughter and exhaustion onto the sofa and switched the telly on a woman was trapped for more than an
hour after a manhole cover collapsed under her feet.

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