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Harassment Of a Tiktoker In Minar e Pakistan Iqbal park Lahore

Lahore incident From the Arabs who buried a baby girl at birth to the clergy who burned a woman alive by calling her a witch, “O woman, your second name is weakness.” From Ahmad Khan, to the five-star popular clerics who painted juicy pictures of each and every one of the maidens in crowded places of worship, to Pervez Musharraf, the inventor of the rape visa ideology, and Imran Khan, the proponent of the theory of inflamed emotions Until everyone agrees that the source of evil is the woman, then the woman is the devil’s follower.

It is a different matter that the same Chilean devil gave birth to all greats and demons and will continue to give birth.
Anyone who touched TikToker’s body in Greater iqbal Park was convinced that his daughter, wife and sister would be safe from the eyes of others. I threw He must have taken his mother with him.
It’s not that we don’t have shame in our eyes or we don’t respect our elders.
We fully respect and honor our real sister-daughter mother but do not consider the sister-daughter of the society as our own.
Remove from your books the story of an oppressed woman whose voice reached the ears of Hajjaj bin Yusuf thousands of miles away.
Let us stop being impatient when we hear the cries of the oppressed daughter of Kashmir, the Israelis who look down on Palestinian women. Absolutely not.

Its Mohsin Abbas Birmani From DG Khan, I Love To play cricket, PUBG Lover. Currently Studying in Oxford University London.

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