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How climate change is making inequality worse?

Climate change is already making poverty worse. The world bank says it could push 130 million people into poverty in the next 10 years. The richest half of the world are responsible for 86 of greenhouse gas emissions and the poorest half for just 14.


But poorer communities are already worse affected by the climate change caused by those emissions. In many ways that obvious like extreme heat everything is exposed. The sun is beating down directly on you and it’s just unbearable. During the June heat wave in the united states scientists found that streets in poor areas were up to 3 to 10 degrees celsius hotter and many people take medication here and they can’t sustain themselves outside for any length of time and that’s because of too much asphalt concrete and the lack of trees. Trees are life. The role they play in this in our ecosystem can be overstated.


Research suggests that people in areas with less vegetation have a five percent higher chance of dying of heat related causes. It’s holding whole countries back, Scientists at sanford university estimated that Nigeria’s economy is 29 smaller than it would be without climate change. Brazil’s is 25 and India’s 31 extreme heat weather and fires mean people are already on the move.

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