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How much do Young voters matter in German election?

German politics should be for the 22 year old voting is a must. Every young person’s vote is important besides young people aren’t represented enough.


The problem is that nobody lobbies for generation ultimately. The interests of many older people in Germany have more institutional representation than those of young people not even percent of lawmakers in the German bundestag are under 30. The voters too are mostly older and vote more often for conservative parties in airport where pierre lives one in five residents is over 65 and the number is rising for pierre politics doesn’t focus enough on what young people need.


This became especially clear during the pandemic when many of students were suddenly dealing with drastic problems. They part-time job so did lots of others. For example in the restaurant business lots of students had to interrupt their studies when they lost their job. They put their degree on hold or even dropped out. It doesn’t get talked about much for the past 18 months pierre has spent a lot of time at home.

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