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How To Check Balance on Ufone 2021

If you don’t check your Ufone balance regularly, you may end up paying more than what you should. Here are different ways to check your mobile balance. Keep track of your mobile balance by adding it as a widget on the home screen of your phone. You can also use the My Ufone app and visit the official website of Ufone. Here we will show you various ways to check your mobile balance online and through other means.

1. How to check Ufone balance ?

This is the least difficult strategy among all. You simply need to open the keypad dialer on your telephone. A short time later, dial *124# and your telephone Balance will show up on your screen.

There are many ways to check Ufone balance online by different mobile phone companies. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is one of the leading telecom companies of the country. It provides 3G, 4G, LTE, DSL broadband services in Pakistan.
Rice Bank, an American company which was established in 1975, is a Verizon brand mobile phone cooperative. It was acquired by Verizon in 1993. It partnered with Russia’s OMPO in 2005 to provide 4G mobile broadband services. It was then sold to Sony Ericsson in 2009 for 112 million euros.
Carriers of other brands like T-mobile,Republic Wireless, Republic Wireless Cricket and Wind have websites to help users check balances and other pertinent information. You can check their websites for specific balance check features.
Google has several mobile websites, including Google Smartphone. You can visit this website for various SIM-related information.
Skype, one of the leading video conferencing services, has a website to check if your Skype account has enough available credit. This is the same website where Microsoft CHAT communicates with you through video conferences. YouTube is the largest video sharing website in the world. It hosts more than 1000 movies and videos uploaded by the users.
Additionally, you can check your account monthly on the website
You can also make stay in touch with your friends after you visit your girlfriend or husband’s Facebook page.
You can check your website balance regularly on the new MyMobile app that is also found on the Google Play Store. Once you successfully register and verify your account, you will be able to check your balance easy via any of your mobile phones e-mail, SMS or web browser. The app connects to your phone’s contacts files, bypasses carrier networks, syncs data seamlessly between all your phone and laptops across the globe and lets you transfer information and pictures between all your mobile phones.

2. How to check Ufone balance through the My Ufone app?

Ufone customers can check their Ufone balance online through the My Ufone app or through the Ufone website.
When you sync your Ufone account with your Google account, you will not receive an email with daily or weekly reminders about your balance. For this reason, you should check your balance during the days when most of your contacts have their phones with them.
The U.S only; Account-based phone number
If you have a stabilized, paid-up phone from a U.S. network, you should make monthly payments on your phone. This is because U.S. wireless companies don’t honor international credit cards. The International $ Prepaid Card is not a loyalty program for U.S. subscribers.
Account-based phone number with AGE
If you have a phone you don’t have any idea how old it is, you should pay monthly for it. This way you can track your monthly charges and see how much of your credit you have to pay per single charging session. If you want to check your credit monthly but set up a separate account to do so, you should be able to check your balance with your credit card.
AA phone (U.S. only; International $ Prepaid Card is not a loyalty program for U.S. subscribers) with AGE
If you have an A A phone (e.g., iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5) from a U.S. carrier, you may need to set up an International $ Prepaid Card in order to use it on your mobile account. Remember that a $40 monthly fee is charged by the credit card companies, whereas there is no fee charged to use U.S. networks. This means you don’t have to pay the $40 fee in addition to your monthly bill.
One-year-old phone (U.S. only; International $ Prepaid Card is not a loyalty program for U.S.

3. How to check Ufone balance through SMS?

How to check Ufone balance through SMS? Ufone Prepaid Subscribers can check their balance by sending SMS BALANCE to 56868. Balance inquiry by sending SMS BAL to 56868. Balance inquiry by sending SMS BAL to 56868.
How to check Ufone balance via web? Log into their website and visit the ‘Uncheck Your Monthly Charges’ page.
How to check Ufone balance via relationship signup? Log in with your Ufone Prepaid Subscription and visit the ‘Your Monthly Charges’ page.
How to check Ufone balance via email? Sign into your Ufone account and visit the ‘Your Monthly Charges’ page. You will find a button called Check Your Balance.
How to check Ufone balance via Twitter? Head over to to message your friends. Please note that gmail does not support multiple message composing.
How to check Ufone balance by Post to your Facebook wall? If you have a Ufone account, you can share balance inquiries to your wall by visiting the following link.
If you don’t have a Facebook account, don’t worry. You can use My Ufone app. If you have a My Ufone account, you can check your balance in your app settings.
How to check Ufone balance by Ringtones? If you don’t have a mobile phone with Ringtones (IM, CR, Ringtone), don’t worry. You can also check your balance in the Ringtones app you can download on iOS and Android. When you check your balance in your app, you will receive a message confirming the entry. You can check your balance information by sending SMS PIT TO your Ringtones number and your mobile phone number and creating a custom message if you wish.
How to check Ufone balance by Ringtones and text? Sign into your phone number and start visiting Ufone official website or send your friends a message using the Ringtones or text option you can visit the following link send your friends a message.

4. How to know my friends’ mobile number and name?

Find the contact information for your friends and family members by searching for them in your phone’s contact list or address book. You can also find contact information for your friends and family members on their social media profiles. Once you find your friend’s contact information, add it to your device’s address book or contact list.
Enter a few cents in a watch to recognize how much money that is in your checking account. To get a higher rate, call up the number to which you added your credit card. After listening to various options, your calling rate will be higher.
Login to your account on the Fogode website if you don’t have one. To check your balance, click here. Do this only to check your balance, as not all data will be accepted. If you try to log in to your account if your balance is high, then you will face the following message.
Verify and update your mobile phone numbers on the BBB website. To do this, you will need your phone number. If you forget your number, then you can pay for a new one online at Enter your original mobile phone number when you change your phone number. Do not use a nickname or an alias when you are trying to verify your number.
Enter the numeric PIN for your U.S. mobile phone when you log in to your account on the MissedPhone website. Use the phone number on the credit card you used to sign up for the MissedPhone service when you first tried to log in to your account. If your balance is high or incorrect, then you will be faced with the following message explaining that you are not using the correct credit card number.
If you still can’t find the correct credit card. Add the phone number you can’t find and upload it to the Lost website. If you can’t find your phone number minus the middle “0” try adding it to an online jingle.

5. What other means can I use to check my mobile balance on Ufone?

You can check your balance by dialing *121*4#, *121*6#, *121*7# and *121*9#.
You can apply for a new balance by accessing your account and by pressing the “Add a new mobile number” button. You can also share your account information with someone the same way.
You can use the mobile balance on select domains like
In Google Webmaster Tools your mobile balance can be found under “Mobile-friendly pages,” “Mobile-friendly search results,” and your mobile site.
If you have a target audience that is using Google products, like Gmail, Nightster, YouTube, Chrome, and more, you can persuade Google to change them regarding your users’ interest when you share your Ufone’s balance for them through Social Media. For instance you can share the mobile balance of your friend Patrisha with her Gmail and the corresponding control URL will redirect Patrisha to the link.
If you have problem with your parent’s (or client’s) mobile phone you can persuade Google to export the settings from their phone, so that you can update them if they can’t connect to the internet (You can check if your parent or client is connected with network).
If you want to know what age your friends are, you can try an Elapsed Timeline function.
Nevers are you? You can check your estimate credit score by using this calculator. Just remember though, you can’t see this estimate score number until your credit history is cleared.
If you have registered your phone before the/you turn 18 years old, the FMS will retain this information until you turn 18 years old.
Also, you need to clear all your information before you turn 18 years old.

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