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How to hide Instagram massages || How to hide Instagram DMS/chats/Massages

How can we hide Instagram DMS/Chats and Instagram messages?


How can we remove our backgrounds so that our photo’s don’t show up in random places in our IG’s?

How can we change our timeline from Japanese to English?

This is actually a difficult question to answer at first, but once the intro base is set up and you click “customize your timeline,” it’s quite simple to switch your timeline from Japanese to English.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is the “Customize My Timeline” Page?

The Customize My Timeline page is where you will be changing a few things about your profiles and how they appear within your IG client.

In addition to your backdrop picture and what you enter for your primary bio, you will notice a button at the bottom of the page you type in you name. When you click it, you will be shown a popup asking the following questions:

  • Should you edit your name?
  • Is your name inaccurate or incorrect?
  • Is this your first time editing your name?

After entering the proper information, click the “Save Changes” button and you will be notified that your changes were successfully stored in your profile.

Here’s a recap of the changes you made to your IG profile:


You now have a Customize My Timeline page with no changes to your IG bio, your name or your timelines!

You can now always see your feed by scrolling down to the bottom to the “events” section and clicking on “View All.” If you click any of the icons at the top of the page, you can now conveniently move your timeline to any time period you would prefer.

You can now use the left side of the IG client to see a summary of all of your recent posts. If your timelines are a bit long (many people have 15+ or more ico’s), you can click on the “View All” button to scroll at your leisure.

What Get’s Calirected to the

So as you can see, there are really only a few actions that happen once you click the Customize My Timeline button.

An indicator at the top of the page reads “15 Minutes (Upon Signing In)”. This time interval is so that you can accurately set your timeline to appear at different times of the day while you share things.

If you click on a specific day, you will be redirected to the “details” section of the Customize My Timeline page.


How to hide Instagram massages On Your Phone?


How can we hide Instagram dm’s and Instagram messages?


There’s a fine line between being entertaining and spammy. Some of today’s biggest influencers understand this and use some surprisingly creative tactics to expand their audience and brand exposure. Take, for example, the juggernaut that is Mark Cuban (and yes, that’s his real last name). He opened his Dallas Mavericks twitter account @Mark Cuban recently and spent any and all microblogging time on how fantastic Twitter is compared to it’s predecessors. Look at the dozens of links to his account by any random search engine on his personal name alone. This is possible because Twitter doesn’t rely on real users while Facebook relies on real people for its algorithm. I’m not suggesting that our favorite Mark Cuban went out and hacked into his account, but refining and building upon basic principles of marketing has streamlined and refined his as well as any other Tweet, Facebook or LinkedIn Lover.

Back in November Oli Gardner also presented a well received and highly useful presentation on Likeocracy where he recommended for SEOs to take advantage of Facebook and Twitter’s agreed upon likes and retweets by uncrawling their profiles and adding those link to search engines under logic and meter. He didn’t over do it, either. Have a look at his presentation again and you’ll see what I mean. Take a look through it here to give it a spin yourself. Remember, like politics, you’ll likely be okay if you get the majority of your followers on your side.

Here are some of my favorite examples, including a couple of personal favorites:


Stanley Tupperware holds an annual competition called “The Fallglass Challenge” at his company and at the end of the contest, a prize is awarded to the most creative competitor along with great swag. This year’s “tie” was mystery packages which Scott from CanIRank took on rather successfully. He unfollowed David Mihm and Cindy Krum and began to explore the competitions on Facebook. It was through playing “objection player” that he discovered The Fallglass Challenge. But not all of us like mystery boxes, the box wasn’t all that interesting, the contents were…


KnowYourMeme is an online community where users post memes and other content and the funniest one ranks first. The top geeks who play the game are rewarded by visits from Google’s servers. Google somehow knew that a picture of a failed politician holding up an Italian flag and being mobbed by obscenely fruitless reporters should not only make for a shocking image, but also be funny. Having spent n only 16 minutes on the site, Dr.


My husband has an account there, and he is very unhappy about it. His situation is somewhat unique, as he has an account on MySpace and an account on Facebook.

Facebook has given all their users the option of hiding links, ads, photos and any profile information. So far, only Facebook has done a thorough search of all their users, and surely the MySpace and other social network users are being investigated as well.

There is also the possibility that Instagram has not been playing nice with Facebook users. A username on Google+, for example, would show up in the search results for the user’s profile, and this should also be happening on Instagram. Overall, it is very common for users to do this, but what’s the point of hiding letters, numbers, dates, who we know, messages or anything else from our profiles? There has to be some ulterior motive there!

I think for an internet user, hiding any type of information from their profiles is pointless. MySpace introduced the idea of friends lists on their homepage, but still many people hide their information in their profiles and profiles on other social networking sites, including Facebook. Why hide from a lover, a business colleague, or even from people we know only online?

I see people doing this all throughout the country and even in other countries. People are messing with their personal pictures. People leave out their photos and last names on the profile. Everyone seems to be hiding information from their profiles. It makes no sense if you look at it from a logical standpoint.

My husband deleted his MySpace profile, and he officially moved to a Facebook profile, but his old MySpace account pops up when you search his information. I messaged him, hoping that he takes it down. he said that he will consider renaming his MySpace account to something else. Then I said, “What about Instagram, do you use that service?” He sheepishly accepted that answer, and I bought him a card, saying that now he can use Instagram once he moves. He said that he doesn’t use it much because he thinks this service is spammy and unnecessary.

On Instagram, blocks can prevent you from seeing certain information, such as blocks for visiting your profile or following a blocked person. How wonderful is that? This is exactly what I had hoped to happen; to have my MySpace blocked and be able to see other people’s pictures only on the other network. The only problem is that I did not have a blocked profile, and I am still showing everyone who knows about my situation.

Recently my friend Tom contacted me… he was getting really frustrated when he couldn’t find any way to hide text messages on his Instagram.

Tom started to search for other solutions. He couldn’t find any tools or apps that he could install on his Instagram, so he had to find a way to hide his messages.

This lead to me googling “How to hide Instagram text messages?” I found a great search tool on called shinola… I wanted to learn a little bit more about how to install this tool on my Instagram account. After I installed on my account it told me that there was a way to hide text messages!

How to Hide Text messages on Instagram

Now you may be wondering what this app is really going to do. To begin with, this app will automatically hide a certain amount of your text messages… so it will vary on your Instagram account.

To see if you have messages on your profile open your conversation view.

Now scroll down to the bottom and you will see “Hide header.”

You cannot see anything below the “Hide header.” If you look at the URL it will say “STORE CONTENT,” which will store the content of your profile.

When you click “Hide header,” the content of the message will be replaced with “HIDE TEXT.” If in the future you need to edit the content of your profile, the text will reappear.

Instagram Comparison

Now that we know that this app is able to hide our conversation, let’s see what the different options are.

To view all your text messages on your Instagram, click on the “View all” link:

A little while later it will search your selected ‘options’…

And after seeing what is available, we will see the following options:

In the Instagram Comparison view you will notice that the text within our username show up between the two app icons, so these messages will be hidden behind the username.

Unfortunately, to hide messages in the photo grid, you will need to install the camera overlay. They are available as an add-on on their site, so it’s worth installing that if you would like to turn them on.

To hide messages within comments in your status, follow the same steps as before…

To hide messages in comments on boards, follow the same steps as before…

To hide messages on your profile, follow the same steps as before…

To hide all your messages, follow the steps as before.


How to hide Instagram massages


How can we hide Instagram dm’s and Instagram messages?


You already know: you can’t search for okay in the HIDDEN_BELL/Comment.

#3: The Secret Options Panel is Orange

Hidden in plain sight within Open Site Explorer, the Options Panel finally allows us to access a secret filter from the SERPs. Let’s dive in and see what it can often get us.

ISM37,977 (14.9%) — From htaccess

(141k) — reshared — tagged

(32k) — following — pageviews, sessions, clicks

(381k) — new

(2.2k) — begin

permutation: 2/28 800

database: feb

This is the beginning of the Site Authority formula. Using the date as the first input data point, this formula can calculate the Page Authority score and the capability score based on last month’s data.

First, let’s see what this looks like in the Options Panel.

On the far left window, we see a box marked Q13 which, let’s set aside temporarily since Instagram is private, is telling us that we can create an experiment. Organize any live or past blog posts by using the Filter drop-down next to them and create a new experiment, like this search for instructional IG posts.

But first, what about the EULA?

The box marked “The EULA” shows us that we can either request removal of our content from IG by leaving a comment with a reason why the content is no longer allowed, or we can hide the content altogether by unchecking the box marked “Encourage people to tag.” Let’s pick option 2.

Double-check your reason for not tagging by checking the box marked “Hide Categories, Tags, or Remarks.”

Should you hide your posts in order to search for them later, you’ll remove all future opportunities for people seeing your content and the people who tag you. That’s perfect for conducting a search, but what about the long-term plan of using the filter to monitor people visiting your IG content?

Right click on your article and select “Read profile contents” to learn the average post read time and view count.

This metric tells us something different than average read time, using it to determine if IG is ready to expose the post to the broader community (read: Facebook) or whether they require user action in order to view it.

Best case scenario, you have engaged with a number of people over time in a positive way. You received positive IG interactions, someone tagged you, and you didn’t delete the post (happens more often than you think). What a great moment!

But if you had enough negative interactions and no one has tagged you, there is really nothing you can do about it.


. This week we’re talking about the little visual representation known as IG clouds. Today we’re doing a comparison. I’ll show you what I mean. Let’s say you’re trying to navigate through Instagram. You’re trying to do your related searches and you’re almost at the end. You just want to get to the good part. That’s great. You’ve got some great content. You can make a Pinterest board for more information. You’re excited. You want those direct links to help you go through those posts, you can do some Pinterest pinning which takes you to pin boards. You get good information. You can click through and engage more with your fellow users. There are all sorts of good things you can do with Pinterest. You can also use IG search and you can sort through lists. There’s that beautiful feed aggregator. It’s sort of what Pinterest is. So if I wanted to see just my favorite IG influencers I can look at the top of that feed. There are many. News, updates from your own friends, people following you around the globe, your profile, IG contacts, and they follow you. I can go through the great amount of information that exists in IG through hashtags. It’s a huge tool. We’re going to do a little bit of a comparison of the two. To get started, I’m just going to show you what the IG cloud looks like colonized by my pins. So, I have a pin that has the question mark, so it’s a little question mark, and there’s also a hashtag there and it’s the default hashtag that people put in a pin, so it’s a little default. I have some pins that are hashtags that I have put, not in this list, LalaPearl, and I’ve got this wonderful IG friends list. So LalaPearl follows me. There’s this wonderful Person M person. So Person M is following Person A. They’re getting me posts. I’m getting posts from them. So they’re in my following list, which is useful if I want to share things with them. Then I have my profile. The first thing that pops up is this little IG intro box. It’s got my keyword and what I’m searching for. Then down at the bottom it says reach, Follow, unfollow. That’s great. Then I have a nice timeline. For this piece, I did a little bit of work. I really wanted to focus on the influencers of the day with the people that I follow. So I pulled out everything January 8th, and they’re all influencers that I followed them on.


So you do already have your IG(es)? Great! But if you don’t: how in the world will people get to your IG?

Likely, using the same technology over and over again. Like you can either daily schedule message(s) to the site, or submit and store your pictures there. Best of both worlds?

Now, let’s get this straight: I’m not knocking IG for trying to increase their usage — they have a mission to get you to use that app. But I am saying their way is way more effective for hiding accounts, rather than being totally open to receiving messages.

I Want You To Think Long Term…

Want to know a crazy stat I didn’t even know? According to Pew Research Center, 72% of people on Instagram are on the app for 20 minutes or less per day.

Do you have an IG account to therefore share your life with? Well, please reconsider — and use the dm. Yes, I just want you to think long term: will you actually screen someone who shows up from the hashtags you don’t understand?

Well, c’mon. I know your friend doesn’t sound like that nice guy who met her over dinner at Joe’s Pizza and discusses baseball on their bill after church…

Be that as it may, I’m more inclined to believe you. Plus, screen names are WAY more effective, and not as creepy as someone completely napping right outside your house. And while we’re on the subject… NO! I do not want him following me on IG. Keep it PG.

Honestly, after watching 8 seasons of Roseanne Barr, I’m inclined to trust you more than I trust (insert an obnoxious picture at your own peril)… I mean seriously, he’s like 12 years older than me. How the hell does he still look like that?? And he doesn’t speak to me… I simply don’t look like that, wield a hammer or fix a flat tire! But I digress.

Who Would Want to Follow You?

I’m so tired of people thinking that the reason to have a hashtag account on IG is because they will base their entire livelihood on viewers of their IG and those IG followers will convert to buyers and sellers of their products/services/anything they can dream up. Please, person who is pining away with a half baked IG account, I’m not interested in following you.

If you’re an online marketer, this may seem totally normal to you, but plenty of people still rely on IG for product and service messaging. And just about everyone on IG would rather buy or sell things in person.

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