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How to Hide Instagram Posts From Someone In IG- Can we hide Instagram Posts?

How to Hide Instagram Posts From Someone In IG- Can we hide Instagram Posts?


How to hide posts on Instagram? So lets begin it. So, the process is same as for android and iOS devices.


First off, you have to enable hidden posts in your profile setting. Also you need to set a profile photo and finally you need to upload some photos. Here is how to hide Instagram Posts on IG.

Segment and Set Customization

IG have three levels of segmentation; Basic, Pro and Reveal. Basic segmentation removes post from your newsfeed on your IG profile, however personal information is still shown such as your name and recent posts.


1. Set everything to UPPER CASE

2. This will hide most of the information that will be shown above the previous image. You can attach a file such as.png or.jpg which will hide the image below. This will hide post from your newsfeed. You will get the option to be able to retweet posts and see profiles from a different user. To use this, you must first log into your IG account and make sure it’s set to UPPER CASE

3. 2. Use a custom name

4. For this you will need to create a separate account. It’s important to meet certain criteria such as higher following count, following ratio, etc.

5. To do this you need to locate where you have pinned your past posts. Caching your past posts will allow you to re pin your most recent posts without having to start another account. To find your cached posts you need to analyze your feed, and where you are most active. In the designated area of your feed, click where your most recent post(s) are and then click on your profile image in the upper right position. This will allow you to see the most recent posts from your profile.

 Export your posts

Once you have saved your most recent posts, you are ready to export them. To do this go to your IG and select your user profile. Next you need to click on the end profile picture to see the options. Select the option that says “Export Page Stream” which will extract your most recent posts into a text file.

. Create your private overlay

Next is to use a cool tool called iphone overlay. This will hide your last few posts, and show your 20 most recent posts within a neat little box. To use this tool, you need to take a few steps.

1. Register your IG account, and use the iphone overlay to hide your last 3 posts

2. 2. Put your.png, or.jpg photo files in order when you are done.


The 3 secret tools you need to use are photo protein LOTS of hidden checkboxes. This is one of the posts on my other blog post which will help you to get maximum exposure per post to out bounce your friends. So here’s how to hide your posts.

You don’t have to use your real face for your IG photo because you can use photo editing software to edit your photo. Ask yourself if you have that many family photos. Why do they show up? The answer is the lighting is different from what you set. You want the photo to look great even if its your face. There is a book app on the iPad called “Illustrated Books” which will do this. Pick that up. Use photo editing software to make the photo look great.

Just like front end massages, scroll hides posts. This is especially effective if you have a line of people. The various post types also have scroll options. The kinds of scroll options you can use is do a simple do not show. What this will do is eliminate all your groups of avatar photos from show under one of your profiles. Lets say your tagged line of friends are Alec Baldwin’s Baldwin, Loren Baker’s, Snoop Dogg, LL Cool J, Puffy Amell and/or Aisha Tyler. If you have Braves hitters on your IG, you have to scroll right. If you have Cubs hitters you have to scroll left because they are selected by default. Try wigging out your names and iPhone users can do this too. Just add this to your settings.

If you can find the categories that your friend’s follows on Instagram, then you can skip scrolling. Just add your friend’s category to the end of your username. This will hide all your other comments and posts from their IG profile. You can do the same thing on twitter. Just put @username in column E behind your avatar for @profile in column F. I use both of those on IG. For more information and a walkthrough check out “How to Automate Your Twitter oDesk.”

Seed since Twitter is mobile and if your friend follows any grade school children on twitter, you can add lines like “Most popular @RaeGibbon doesn’t eat noodles” and show one of those lines on your mobll. This is pretty effective. Here is a start for that same process using IG. Go to your settings, click “Hide Account” and search for examples. You couldn’t hit enter for example. You then click the “8 Keyword Rules to Hide” and then hit enter.

You start by obviously clicking on the ‘plus’ button which is on your right bottom as you are swiping through in order to get to the Instgram.

If you happen to click on the ‘it’ button, then at that point you will be taken to the post details on Instagram. But for those who have the post blocked, then all you will see is this icon which you can click within the post details area. (applicable only if you have the hidden Instagram installed).

So right behind this post you will spot some options which you can use. (If I don’t screen shot these, this can be found within the editing area).

Hide profile pic: You can simply choose to hide your profile pic from the picture section once you have imported your pics. This means you won’t show up directly in their search. But, they will still find you by your ‘other’ photos.

Backup photo: You can also choose to backup your photos before exporting them for your desired purpose.

Duplicate Photos: If you are faced with two or more exactly the same photo, and you wish to have the best chance of getting your upload to show up in the search results, then you can duplicate the photo so that only one version will show up with the tagline still included within it.

Hide comments: So for this you should notice some ‘guest’ comments which you will want to hide from showing up. To do this simply click on the ‘ig’ in the top right corner next to the photo so that you can see your profile photo. You will notice there must be a little arrow next to ‘ig’ which starts to look like a cross. (pick that one up and put it to the left side of the screen). And now right here the comment is forthcoming. Once you click in this area you will get a pop up showing you how many comments they have. If you wish for more then simply click on the button titled ‘add STOP TWITTER ACCOUNT’.

It will then show you the number of stop twitter accounts where you can reply to the specific comment.

Cancellation: If you wish to remove your post from showing in the search results, then you’ll need to click the ‘cancel’ button.

There are a couple of settings within the page I would advise you to have.

Verify Account

Verify the account by entering it into the Add a Custom History field and also by clicking on the verification link which displays at the top right of the screen.



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