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Huge blast heard in Kabul a day after Biden warned of another attack on the kabul airport

In Afghanistan, where a huge blast has been heard in Kabul a day after president Biden warned of another attack on the kabul airport.

There were no immediate reports of any casualties. This report has the details as the U.S neared the end of its two-decade-long military involvement in the country. Its troops have been killed in an ISIS attack outside the kabul airport. Following the attack the U.S said it has killed two ISIS attack planners in Nangarhar airstrike and wounded another.


Meanwhile the U.S embassy in Kabul has warned Americans to leave the airport immediately citing specific credible threats. A Western security official says the U.S is in the final phase of its evacuation from Kabul with just over a thousand civilians left to be flown out. Moreover the Taliban forces have sealed off the airport to most of guns hoping to leave. The Taliban say the group and the departing U.S forces aim for swift handover of the Kabul airport. unn voyage to Kabul selma khalilzad has welcomed the Taliban statement that it will not prevent anyone from leaving Kabul.

Taliban spokesperson Sohail Shaheen said the Afghans who intend to leave can proceed after commercial flights resume. The group also assured political leaders of their security and safety and urged welfare of the people. Earlier the Taliban said they were preparing a new cabinet adding that its makeup would be cleared in a week or two.

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