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Hurricane Grace lashes Mexico as New York braces for Henri

At least eight people are dead after hurricane grace swept across the East Coast of Mexico.

Several of the victims were children from a single family. The storm caused mudslides and flooding that swept away homes and businesses. Hundreds of thousands of people lost electricity before the hurricane moved inland and weakened. A powerful storm tore through the Mexican state of Veracruz hurricane grace left destruction death and grief Adan Mourinho lost almost everything.

When a hillside collapsed the mudslide buried his home killing most of his family. As they were taking them out. they took out his wife and his other children. They pulled out his four-year-old and then an eight-year-old a two-year-old girl and our newborn who was just 15 days old. This is the only one out of his six children who survived torrential rains swelled rivers flooding. The surrounding countryside and powerful winds of over 200 kilometers per hour downed trees and electricity cables.


Local people were able to make it to safety embedded down at one of the 200 shelters set up in Veracruz. But for some residents the authorities are not doing enough. They don’t have anyone to help them. A lot of people there who are sick with covid-19. There are so many people who need help now. That grace has weakened the residents. There are beginning to pick up the pieces to rebuild their homes and their lives.

Image : Reuters

New York city has declared a state of emergency as it braces for the arrival of hurricane ongui. The storm is projected to hit long Island and Southern new England evacuations are already underway and authorities are calling on the millions of people in the storm’s path to take precautions getting ready for hurricane henry before heading for high land or hunkering down indoors. People living in henri’s predicted path stock up on essentials.


They are hoping for the best been through it. Before it could go either way. Forecasters warn the hurricane is on course to hit the East Coast late on Sunday and with it could come flash flooding surging sea waters and violent winds packing a punch of 120 kilometers per hour.

When it hits New York they are expecting a category, one hurricane in response. Cuomo has put parts of New York under a state of emergency just North in the new England area. States are also bracing for henry hurricane and surge warnings have been in effect since saturday and shelters are ready to help those in need. It’s been 30 years since a hurricane struck New England hurricane bob killed at least 17 people.

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